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If you want to shipping from China to the USA, the package is about 30 kg. How can I find the cheapest price? The cost to ship from China to USA is only the basic shipping cost, the shipping cost to USA is calculated by both volume and weight.

1. By volume, x1 = basic shipping cost per unit (mtq) x total volume

2. By weight, x2 = basic freight per unit (tne) x gross weight, whichever is greater of x1 or x2.

Cost to ship from China to USA

Sea freight from China to USA is divided into FCL and LCL, FCL: FCL freight is divided into three parts, total freight = the sum of the three parts.

1. Basic freight = unit basic freight x number of containers.

2. Port Surcharge = Unit Port Surcharge x FCL.

3. Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge x number of cases.

cost to ship from China to USA

Air freight from China to USA costs US$4 per kg, average US$5 per kg

The cost of air freight from China to the US includes airfreight, fuel surcharge, security fee, terminal fee and other surcharges.

These fees are set by different airlines based on their operating costs. Depending on factors such as season, international oil prices and low season, airlines often modify these fees to reflect market changes.

1. Cost to ship from China to USA should be confirmed in writing whenever possible. Don’t really worry about the profit of the freight forwarder. You only need to consider the cost of your transaction.

2. The bill of lading should be carefully checked and must be consistent with the contract and letter of credit. If there are errors, they should be corrected in time.

3. Be careful about shipping and don’t be abandoned because of negligent tracking.

4. The whole chartering requires the participation of professionals. Don’t think that personal qualification is enough for complex contracts. It is worthwhile to hire professionals.

5. When negotiating contractual cooperation, put it in words and insist on not paying other fees when making payments.

cost to ship from China to USA

Recommendations for reducing cost to ship from China to USA

Choosing the right mode of shipping

Different transportation methods will have different cost to ship from China to USA and time, so you need to weigh the cost and time when choosing the transportation method.

Air transportation is faster, but relatively expensive.
Sea transport is less expensive, but relatively slow.

For goods with high value and high requirements for timeliness, it is recommended to choose air transportation; for goods with low value and low requirements for timeliness, you can choose ocean transportation.

Choose the right carrier

When choosing a carrier, you need to consider factors such as price, service quality and credibility to ensure that you choose the right carrier.

Optimize packing and loading

The packaging and loading of the goods will affect the transportation cost. For goods with larger volume and lighter weight, packing and compression can be used to reduce freight costs; for goods with larger weight and smaller volume, they can be transported by means of consolidation or consolidation board.

Reasonable packing and loading can reduce space waste, thus reducing transportation cost to ship from China to USA.

cost to ship from China to USA

Using freight forwarders

Freight forwarders can help you choose the right transportation mode and carrier, assist in customs procedures and declarations, etc., and provide comprehensive logistics services.

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