2023 Company Basketball Match | Staff Reunion Cohesion

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On this sunny October 22, 2023, all the staff of our company gathered in Qingpu District Sports Hall to participate in a company basketball Match .
This competition not only gave us a chance to exercise our body after the intense work, but also further enhanced our team spirit and tacit understanding.

Company Basketball Match-Begins

At 8:00 a.m., the entrance of the sports hall was already crowded, and everyone was looking forward to today’s game. The leaders of the company came to the scene and cheered for us. The game was divided into two groups, the red team and the blue team, each team had elite employees from various departments.

Their strength is not similar, which undoubtedly makes the game more interesting.


Company Basketball Match

Company Basketball Match


Company Basketball Match-First Half

After the game started, both teams quickly entered the state. The red team was good at speed, while the blue team relied on strong bodies and excellent cooperation. The players on the field were fighting fiercely, and the spectators were cheering for them. Every time there is a wonderful defense and offense, it will cause a burst of cheers.

In the course of the game, we saw many touching moments. Once, the captain of the red team accidentally fell down when grabbing the ball, but he didn’t give up, but insisted on finishing that offense.


Company Basketball MatchCompany Basketball Match



His spirit infected the whole audience, let’s applaud and salute him. On another occasion, a player of the blue team received a pass outside the three-point line, and faced with the defense’s tightening, he was not afraid and steadily threw the ball into the basket, and the whole court burst into a warm applause.

Company Basketball Match-Second Half

When the second half of the game started, both sides showed higher fighting spirit. The red team strengthened their defense while the blue team tried to find a breakthrough. The game entered into a white-hot stage, with the crowd cheering and supporting each other.

In the end, the red team won the game by 6 points with their speed and agility. The blue team also showed their strength and perseverance, making the whole audience applaud and salute them. This game not only let us feel the charm of sports, but also let us understand the importance of team spirit more deeply.


Company Basketball Match


After the game, the company leaders awarded trophies and prizes to the red team for their contribution to the team. At the same time, encouragement awards were also given to the blue team, encouraging them to make persistent efforts in the next game.

Through this basketball game reunion activity, we not only exercised our body, but also enhanced the tacit understanding and team spirit among colleagues. We believe that in the future work, we will be more united and contribute to the development of the company. Let’s use the experience of this basketball game together to cheer up our team!

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