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A Chinese shipping agent refers to a person who accepts the entrustment of the owner and handles the customs declaration, handover, warehousing, allocation, inspection, packaging, transshipment, booking and other services on behalf of the owner. Forwarding agent, tally agent, storage agent, container agent, etc.

Business scope of shipping agent from China to USA

  • With the fastest and most economical transportation method, arrange suitable packaging of goods and choose the transportation route of the goods.
  • Suggest warehousing and distribution to customers.
  • Select a reliable and efficient carrier and be responsible for concluding a contract of carriage.
  • Arrange the weighing and measurement of goods.
  • For cargo insurance.
  • The assembly of goods.
  • Warehousing the goods before shipment or distribution at the destination.
  • Arrange the transportation of the goods to the port, go through customs and related documents, and deliver the goods to the carrier.
  • On behalf of the shipper/importer, pay the freight, customs duties and taxes.
  • Handle any foreign exchange transactions related to the transportation of goods.
  • Obtain various signed bills of lading from the carrier and deliver them to the shipper.
  • Supervise the process of cargo transportation and let the shipper know the whereabouts of the cargo by contacting the carrier and the freight forwarder in foreign countries.

When you need to shipping from China to USA, a freight forwarder can bring you some assistance


Chinese shipping agent


Advantages of hiring a Chinese shipping agent

Easy to communicate

As we all know, English is not the first language of China. Many people face this language barrier. The main problems that can be solved by hiring a Chinese shipping agent. They are usually local and can easily negotiate and communicate on your behalf.

Save shipping time

Most of these agencies have been in business for a long time. Unless you’re the first client, they’ve worked with other clients before you’ve done the same job. That’s why they know people in the field. What might be problematic for you is a piece of cake for them.


Chinese shipping agent is your local representative in China. He/she will conduct all transactions on your behalf. They are your eyes on the ground, giving you all the first-hand information about what’s going on with your cargo and everything. You get a clear picture.


If you do not hire your Chinese shipping agent, you will have to rely on the supplier to provide you with shipping. The biggest problem will be the high price, since they will only send your goods, it will cost them more, and it makes sense that they will forward this price to the customer.

Free customs clearance

When it comes to shipping goods, customs clearance is a headache. Agents are experts in moving goods and are also well connected with customs as this is their day job. As a result, they have immediate access to legal documents, customs clearance and payment.


shipping prices increase


What kind of Chinese shipping agent do you work with?

Professional knowledge

Experienced people are generally more reliable in any business. They know the industry better and know how to do a lot of things.
When choosing a Chinese shipping agent, find out how long they have been operating. The longer they operate, the better. Why? Because they are more experienced and therefore more skilled. They also earn more connections, which are vital for your business to thrive.


Another important factor to consider is the location of the Chinese shipping agent. For example, is the shipping agency a local Chinese company? Or a foreign company?
You can easily work with local companies with offices in China. A local freight forwarder can guide you better than a foreign company.

Reputation and Experience

As logistics is a key pillar of many businesses, finding a reliable Chinese shipping agent is crucial. There is no benefit to entrusting your valuable cargo to a logistics partner that is not suitable for your purpose. Here are some questions to help you narrow down the available providers.

Communication skills

Strong communication with your Chinese shipping agent, warehouse is essential. Because of the long distances and transit times your shipments travel, not to mention multiple modes of transportation, delays and challenges can arise along the way. In most cases, your forwarder may not have control over these possibilities, but making sure you understand them is key.

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