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Q:Is cheapest international shipping company reliable?

A:Whether cheapest international shipping is safe and reliable, not only to see the price, timeliness, payout commitment, but also more importantly, to see the freight forwarding company’s transportation experience.

After all, in international logistics transportation, especially foreign labor costs are high, and the tail end delivery is usually a local foreign delivery provider for delivery, so the cost of international logistics is still relatively high.

At the moment you choose the cheapest international shipping, there may be more things you need to worry about subsequently.


Ocean Freight Service

cheapest international shipping


How do you pick the cheapest international shipping agent that is reliable?

Find a reputable logistics company

When choosing an international logistics company for ocean transportation, the first and foremost requirement is to choose a reputable company. We can find out the reputation of a logistics company in the following ways:

  1. Simply check the online information to see if the company has been exposed or complaint records.
  2. Consulting with other enterprises or trade associations to find out information about the company.
  3. Directly visit the logistics company to see the internal management and the quality of the staff.
  4. Seek help from reputable shipping service providers or shipping companies to get recommendations.


cheapest international shipping

cheapest international shipping


There may be more about how to find a better shippping agent that this article can help you with:

How To Get A Shipping Agent In China Efficiently?


Understand the company’s logistics capabilities

When choosing an international ocean freight logistics company, its logistics capability is very important. We can understand the logistic capability of the logistics company from the following aspects:

  1. Fleet size and logistics network: a company with a large fleet and an extensive logistics network has greater logistics capabilities.
  2. The size and equipment of ships and ports: the more ships a logistics company has, the larger the ports are and the more advanced the equipment is, the stronger the logistics capability.
  3. Professional logistics equipment: Logistics companies have professional consolidation facilities, packaging technology and logistics technology, etc., which can greatly improve logistics efficiency and safety.

Consider the quality of service

In addition to a strong logistics company, the quality of service is also very important. We can consider service quality from the following aspects:

1. customer service: whether the logistics company is able to respond to customer problems and complaints in a timely manner, whether to provide reliable tracking services, etc., can reflect the company’s service quality.


cheapest international shipping

cheapest international shipping


2. Reasonable price: the price of the logistics company is reasonable or not, is also an important factor to consider the quality of its services. 3. whether to provide customized services.

3. whether to provide customized services: some logistics companies can be tailored for customers to customize logistics solutions, while providing appropriate professional advice to provide customers with customized services, which is obviously a high-quality service.

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