To Find the Best Alibaba Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Guide

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With a potentially dizzying number of Alibaba wholesale clothing suppliers, learning a bit about how to do it may lead you to the best ones.

Ways to find the best suppliers

Always search Alibaba wholesale clothing suppliers

Finding a reliable Alibaba wholesale clothing suppliers is the first step to successful sourcing. On Alibaba, there are millions of suppliers offering a wide variety of products. How to quickly filter out quality suppliers?

1. Find potential suppliers through search and filter criteria

Enter product keywords on the main page of and narrow down your search by filtering criteria. Filtering criteria include supplier’s certification, product quality, production capacity, delivery capacity, etc., which can be selected according to the needs and budget of the company.


Alibaba Wholesale Clothing

Alibaba wholesale clothing


2. Check the qualification of Alibaba wholesale clothing suppliers

It is crucial to know the qualification of suppliers. On Alibaba website, there are three types of supplier certifications:

  • Free Membership
  • Paid Member
  • Gold Member

In addition to this, you can also view the supplier’s ratings and reviews. The ratings include the supplier’s delivery speed, service attitude, product quality, and so on. Ratings and reviews can help businesses determine the reliability and reputation of a supplier.

You should also know these questions before considering whether to use him or not:

  • Are they listed as a trading company or a manufacturer?
  • Do they specialize in your product category?
  • Do they offer the same types of fabrics?
  • Do they provide pictures of their factories?
  • Do they upload test reports? (i.e. REACH)
  • Do they upload factory audit reports?

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Alibaba Wholesale Clothing


Alibaba wholesale clothing

Always purchase samples

This point is actually very important! When we do one piece shipping we put our products on the shelves, we don’t actually look at the actual items ourselves. At this time, if you have a product sells well, please be sure to buy a sample back to see.

When buying samples you can choose 2-3 different suppliers to see what difference they had before. Don’t feel like spending a little extra money. Because sometimes the previous products of different suppliers are really much different.

If this product you have determined to promote on your store, the quality of this point is a must to confirm clearly, or later problems will be very troublesome! When we are purchasing, we can also not use the number of consultation to order, to avoid the business specifically for you to choose a good sample sent over.

Must learn to bargain

There is a customer called Jones, before he chatted with the boss on Alibaba above the price talk down is a loss.

But then he went and added the merchant owner’s WeChat, and after the negotiation, he made 10 dollars more profit per item.

Talk to the merchant more! If you don’t return messages on line, add WeChat to chat! Be sure to go to negotiate the price!

Don’t dislike to chat or afraid to chat, usually the price given by the merchant is able to talk through the exchange of low.


Alibaba Wholesale Clothing

Alibaba wholesale clothing


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