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What should be paid attention to when shipping to Amazon warehouse in the US? During peak season, Amazon sellers start stocking up for amazon warehouses. If the goods are not done well, or the goods are delayed, it will inevitably affect the seller’s sales work. Sellers must know what to look out for in amazon warehouses.

Amazon Fba Freight forwarder: How to package the products when Fba ship

For many Amazon sellers, likely, they often encounter the situation of goods being rejected when they arrive at the FBA door. This is because Amazon has very strict requirements on FBA packaging and rejects any defect. To this end, Xiaobing collected shipping FBA packaging notes and details, let’s have a look

Amazon Fba Freight Forwarder China xiongda
Amazon Fba Freight Forwarder China xiongda

Choose the appropriate size of the box packaging

The selection of an FBA packing case is very important. It is necessary to choose appropriate size boxes for packaging products because large boxes will cause high freight waste and smaller boxes will occupy FBA storage volume.

Choose strong paper cartons to confirm whether the weight limit is exceeded after the packing, and use waste paper, polystyrene filler, or cardboard to fill the gap, to fix the goods to avoid the collision of goods in the box because of movement in the process of transportation.

Packing size and material

For cartons, there are also size requirements, such as the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm, unless the size of the goods sold in a single piece originally exceeds 63.5cm; Packing goods using cartons and packing materials (e.g. padding, stuffing) accepted by Amazon Operations.

Amazon warehouse
Amazon warehouse

Check the appearance of each carton of goods before delivery

Before delivery, please ensure that the packaging of the product is broken and deformed. Once any damage is found, unpack the product to check whether the internal goods are in good condition. If any damage is found, re-pack the product and attach the SKU label. Otherwise, it will be rejected when it arrives at the US warehouse.

Everything must be wrapped separately

All items must be wrapped separately, especially fragile items such as glass and ceramics. It is recommended to wrap them with bubble cloth, and they need to pass the impact test and be carefully protected.

FBA Label

FBA LABEL is the outer packing mark for the amazon warehouse to confirm receipt of goods, which is generated in the Amazon system and must be present in packaging.

Overweight standard, battery standard

Amazon also has certain rules about the weight of goods, such as a single package can not exceed 30 kg and recommended no more than 15 kg.

If it is too heavy and too big, it may take two people to complete it, which wastes manpower. Moreover, the transportation risk is also large. Therefore, a “Team Lift” label is required if the shipment exceeds 15kg, and a “Mech Lift” label is required if the shipment exceeds 45kg. Similarly, if the goods with batteries are shipped by air, they should also be labeled with batteries.

Air freight logistics
Air freight logistics

 How to attach product labels?

When amazon FBA is shipped, two labels need to be attached: the product label and carton label

The product label is attached to each product, mainly used for the product out of storage, storage, and return of scanning work. The main components of the product label are bar code, FNSKU code, and title. The product label is pasted on the product package (if it is a bag package, it is pasted on the bag), only one.

For each batch of goods, a corresponding label should be generated based on the actual number of packages. The main components of the outer container label are bar code, destination, place of shipment, etc. To avoid wear and tear during transportation, Amazon cannot scan the warehouse.

It is suggested to paste at least 2-4 labels on different sides of the outer container. It is recommended to print labels using carbon tape and copper cardboard to avoid fading characters on labels that cannot be scanned due to excessive time or humidity.

It should be noted that “MADE IN CHINA” must be attached to all products and containers shipped to Amazon IN the United States. If each piece is over 15KG, please attach the TEAM LIFT label according to AMAZON FBA regulations.

International logistics
International logistics

The most important point is to solve the customs clearance and tax before the goods are sent to the door of the Amazon warehouse, so the products should meet the product quality requirements of the customs of the destination country, and there should be a subject of customs clearance and complete the payment of tax. It is suggested to find a ready-made logistics company to do it. Xiong International Logistics is the logistics partner recommended by Amazon, providing FBA first delivery, FBA first air transportation, FBA first sea transportation, and overseas warehouse transfer to Amazon FBA.

shipping methods of Amazon in the United States

FBA warehousing and delivery service (the seller needs to send the goods to the warehouse designated by Amazon in advance, and After the goods are sold, Amazon is responsible for picking up and delivering the goods). However, since Amazon does not solve the initial process problem, the seller has to be responsible for the first process of Amazon FBA, which is the first process of FBA.

shipping agent from china to usa
shipping agent from china to usa

Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and delivery services from China to the Amazon warehouse. FBA initial service refers to shipping goods from China to the Amazon warehouse. There are special services to meet this demand, such as export easy services in both south and East China. For the first stage of FBA, there should be four delivery methods in the market:

 Express Delivery;

DHL, UPS, FedEx, and so on, generally more than 20kg price is still good, fast aging, suitable for emergency replenishment.

In addition, the express delivery is warehousing without reservation, but it should be noted that Amazon is not the subject of customs clearance and is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment. It is necessary to make a declaration and customs payment in advance and prepare the local customs clearance importer in advance. General cross-border logistics companies such as export easy can provide tax number borrowing;

 FBA Air Freight:

first delivered to the local area by air, and then delivered to the Amazon warehouse by local express, which is fast in aging and slightly slower than direct express. The delivery is very convenient for storage without reservation. Now the air + party on the market is generally double clear package tax, also do not need to pay customs prepaid costs, etc., the cost is also very cheap, about 30 yuan /kg;

shipping containers
shipping containers

FBA Shipping:

shipping + local customs clearance + destination country delivery, with a slightly longer time limit. The whole price does not include tax, almost a little more than 1000 square. It’s cheaper in the US and UK, but more expensive in Canada. This kind of ocean shipping has a long aging period, which usually takes more than one month.

At that time, it was sent to Amazon by trailer. Generally, a warehousing reservation is required, which is more difficult to operate than express delivery. But the price is cheap if according to 1CBM=167kg to calculate, it is a few dollars 1kg, then the express 30 more 1kg to cheap. For 10 boxes of 20kg goods, the express cost is about 6000, but the shipping cost is estimated to be less than 2000, but the aging is long, so it is suitable for non-urgent replenishment. Logistics companies such as export will be responsible for customs clearance and full service.

 Overseas Warehouse Transfer:

If the goods are placed in an export easy overseas warehouse, one of them can be made into Amazon FBA, and the goods can be sold on other platforms and delivered from an overseas warehouse. Generally, there are many choices for overseas warehouse transfer to Amazon, such as reservation-free warehousing by express delivery or trailer delivery. The way is flexible and simple, and the replenishment time is short.

Besides, the problem of customs clearance has been solved before the goods arrive at the warehouse, and there is no big problem when they are sent to Amazon from the warehouse. The use of overseas warehouses can also be used for multi-platform sales, such as self-built platforms, Wish, and many new platforms.

It is suggested to choose hot-selling products as FBA, to avoid unsalable inventory in the warehouse, resulting in slugginess and financial pressure. If you just start FBA in the early stage, it is suggested to send some hot products in the past, you can use express and air + delivery, the fastest, the price of more than 20kg is ok. When the production is smooth and the quantity is large, replenishment by sea will be used to reduce the cost. Of course, more rushed seasonal products or useful air freight or express the fastest.

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