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Amazon, the one of the world’s largest online retailers, it processes millions of orders every day. One of the top concerns for consumers is Amazon shipping tracking. Only by knowing the status of your order in real time can you shop with more confidence.

What is Amazon shipping tracking?

Amazon shipping tracking is a logistics service provided by Amazon to sellers, which can help sellers manage and optimize their inventory and delivery process. Buyers can also obtain real-time logistics information on the goods they purchased by querying the Amazon shipping tracking number of the purchased product.

How can buyers check the Amazon shipping tracking number?

1. Log in to your Amazon account.
Click “Accounts and Lists” to enter account information to log in. After logging in, users can find a list of their orders on the “My Orders” page.

Amazon shipping tracking

2. Find the order that needs to be queried.
On the “My Orders” page, users can see all their order information. Find the order and click the “Order Details” button.

3. Check the logistics order number.
On the order details page, if the logistics have been sent, the user can see the logistics information of the order. Click the order number to enter the order details page to see the logistics tracking number.

Enter the tracking order number you just found, check it, and you can see the latest logistics information.

It should be noted that the logistics tracking number on the Amazon platform may not be updated in real-time, and sellers need to pay attention to the update time of the logistics status when inquiring.

Advantages of Amazon shipping tracking

Real-time updates

Amazon FBA tracking information will be updated in real time, buyers can always know the status of their orders and estimated delivery time.
Multiple delivery methods: Amazon logistics tracking supports multiple delivery methods, including standard delivery, next-day delivery, next-day delivery, etc. Buyers can choose different delivery methods according to their needs.

Precise positioning

Amazon logistics tracking can accurately locate the location of the delivery staff, and buyers can always know the location and contact information of their delivery staff.
Convenient and fast: Amazon logistics tracking operation is simple and convenient, and buyers only need to log in to their Amazon account to use it easily.

How can sellers optimize FBA tracking?

To improve the shopping experience of consumers, sellers can take the following measures to optimize Amazon fulfillment tracking:

Choose a reliable logistics service provider: Sellers can choose a reliable logistics service provider to ensure that the goods can be delivered in a timely and accurate manner.

Fill in accurate logistics information: When filling in the order information, the seller should fill in accurate logistics information, including the estimated delivery time and the location and contact information of the delivery person.

Timely update logistics information: sellers should update logistics information in time to ensure real-time information. If an unexpected situation occurs, the seller should notify the consumer in time and give a solution.

Improve service quality: Sellers should improve the service quality of delivery staff to ensure that consumers can receive goods in time and provide satisfactory after-sales service.

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