News: Amazon Prime Day Discount Filing Dates Announced

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Amazon Prime Day Discount Submission Time Announced! Amazon’s mid-year promotion Prime Day, which successfully set new sales records, has just passed, and the explosive order frenzy of countless sellers seems to be still fresh in our minds.

Apply for Amazon Prime Day discount time

Recently, Amazon Japan released the latest announcement about the member promotion, saying, “Sellers can start applying for Amazon Prime member-only discounts for the new promotion ‘Prime Big Deal Days’ held in October, and meet the conditions to create the offer .

The deadline to apply for the exclusive Amazon Prime member discount is October 6, 2023.”

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.


Amazon Prime Day discount

Amazon Prime Day discount


Specifically, Amazon has put a number of requirements on sellers who want to apply for the members-only discount.

For example, “Have a rating or product review of 3.5 stars or higher.”

● “Must be 20% or more off the current price.”

● “Prices must be lower than the lowest price in the last 30 days.”

● “Seller must have no less than 4 reviews” and so on.

Sellers who meet these conditions can only create deals in the Seller Center.

Obviously, the promotion of exclusive discounts to report the announcement of time, means that countless want to participate in the promotion of cross-border sellers will also enter the state of preparation.

For sellers, each large-scale promotional activities are directly linked to its single volume and profit growth, are crucial.


Amazon Prime Day discount

Amazon Prime Day discount


It is undeniable that Amazon just past the mid-year promotion Prime Day actually delivered a beautiful report card, a number of data beyond market expectations.

According to the official war report released by Amazon, in this year’s two-day Prime Day member day promotion, Prime members purchased more than 375 million items globally, and as a comparison, a total of 300 million items were sold in the same period last year, and this year’s overall sales of the promotion increased by 25% compared to last year’s sales, which successfully set a new record.

In addition, this Member’s Day promotion Amazon also managed to achieve the fastest delivery speed ever for Prime members.


Amazon Prime Day discount

Amazon Prime Day discount


Perhaps it is because of such a bright performance, in the mid-year promotion Prime Day after the end of the Amazon decided to catch up, followed by the official announcement will be held in October “Prime Big Deal Days” promotion.

It is understood that the promotion will be held in 19 countries or regions, including Belgium, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, etc., not only covering a wide range, but also Amazon will release more surprise benefits.

This is undoubtedly another great opportunity for sellers to hit sales.

What’s more, after the fall Prime member activities, sellers will usher in Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and other heavyweight promotions, during which countless overseas consumers will be a key to open the carnival shopping mode, which is also a key period for most cross-border sellers to explore the overseas market, sellers need to take advantage of.

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Amazon Prime Day discount

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