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Amazon PO Number New Policy in 2023.

PO refers to Purchase Order, that is, the order number. -The order is determined, which refers to the PO sent by the buyer to the seller, basically to include the buyer and seller’s company name, address, telephone, product details, description, quantity, payment method and other information.

According to the overseas tail-end feedback of the recent delivery warehouse situation said: due to Amazon May 1 the upcoming implementation of the new regulations into the warehouse, as well as the United States and the West of the major Netflix warehouse burst warehouse led to the appointment to jump about and delete the case very often;;

At the same time, they are also faced with problems such as PO number failure, inaccuracy and other issues such as withholding goods, direct delivery to change the demolition of delivery; many third-party overseas warehouses in the U.S. and West have been bursting, and the situation is not optimistic.


Amazon PO Number New Policy

Amazon PO Number New Policy


The impact of the Amazon PO Number New Policy

Delivery time may increase 2-3 days on average

The difference in delivery time is mainly due to the trucking company’s advance reserve of the account number and the performance of the delivery.

After the implementation of the new policy, the trucking company will not just take the appointment, so there is no guarantee that every warehouse has a reservation number every day. When the Amazon warehouse burst, it is difficult to get a new reservation number in the short term.Amazon PO Number New Policy

The cost of tail-end delivery increases

Delivery time lengthening, corresponding to the chances of increased rack fees, cabinet rental fees will rise; account assessment difficulties increase, the cost of new accounts and reservation numbers will rise.

Preparations before placing an order

Confirm the validity and accuracy of PO

Please confirm the validity and accuracy of the PO of the goods again before placing the order.

If the PO of goods is invalid or inaccurate after the order is placed, we will notify the customer to activate or re-provide the ID, and then arrange the shipment normally, in order to avoid delays, please be sure to check the validity and accuracy of the PO.

Check whether the PO is true and accurate and valid

Please check the PO of the goods in transit is real and accurate. If you need to change it, please inform your freight forwarder before the sea container arrives at the port, so that the correct PO can be updated to the appointment in advance. Amazon PO Number New Policy


success selling on amazon

Amazon PO Number New Policy


Cargo building management

Separate tickets for goods shipped through different channels

It is recommended to do warehouse building plan separately to avoid using one PO for multiple tickets, which will lead to PO not being added to the reservation and cannot be delivered.

Goods shipped by different suppliers

It is recommended to do the warehouse building plan separately to avoid the repeated use of POs, which can not be added to the reservation and cannot be delivered.

Large cargo and overweight cargo

A big cargo and overweight cargo require separate tickets for warehouse construction and order, because overweight cargo will also face the situation that it cannot be delivered in one truck and needs to be delivered separately.

For example: 30CBM goods, there are 26T weight, this kind of goods must be separated from the order, in order to out of the container, while the overseas warehouse can not be a truck delivery (truck weight limit problems).


How to increase sales on Amazon

Amazon PO Number New Policy


Currently PO cannot be activated in two cases as follows:
➡➡➡ Case 1: PO is used many times and can’t be activated (PO is still valid, just can’t be added to the reservation, this case can only replace PO and change the label)
➡➡➡ Situation 2: PO is not shown in the corresponding warehouse (e.g. order is ont8, PO screening shows sck4), and PO cannot be activated.

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Amazon PO Number New Policy

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