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US Amazon ONT8 warehouse, address: 24300 Nandina Ave Moreno Valley CA, zip code: 92551.

The Amazon ont8 warehouse is one of the three main warehouses of the Amazon platform in the United States, located in California, the United States.

Amazon ONT8 warehouse in the United States has high timeliness of logistics, low logistics prices, and a wide range of logistics coverage. Therefore, it is highly recommended by sellers who operate the US site of the Amazon platform.

For sellers who operate the US site of the Amazon platform, they only need to send their products to the Amazon ont8 warehouse in advance. After the order is generated, the Amazon ont8 warehouse can directly provide consumers with follow-up logistics services.


Amazon ONT8


Amazon ONT8 warehouse is so hot!

However, when there are big promotions on the Amazon platform, membership days, or other event promotions, it may be difficult for sellers to make an appointment to store their products in the Amazon ont8 warehouse.

Amazon ONT8 warehouse delivery plan

Amazon ont8 warehouses generally have two delivery options, namely air freight and sea freight. Both have their own characteristics and advantages, and sellers can choose according to their actual needs.

Amazon FBA air freight shipping

If you use air freight, the goods are generally delivered to Los Angeles Airport in the United States first, and then UPS/Fed Ex provides subsequent delivery services.

Amazon FBA sea freight shipping

If the shipping method is used, the goods are delivered to the port of Los Angeles in the United States, and the goods are checked at the customs and stored in the warehouse in the United States, and FBA provides subsequent delivery.

But what you need to know is that sea freight takes longer than air freight, and the average time of sea freight is about 25 days.


Amazon ONT8


Advantages of Amazon ont8 warehouse

Avoid splitting

Amazon’s ont8 warehouse can accept all fba-delivered items under the same seller’s account, which effectively prevents the same seller’s products from being sent to different warehouses. Therefore, sellers can use the Amazon ont8 warehouse as a storage warehouse for their own store products.

Low shipping cost

Compared with other logistics services, the logistics timeliness of Amazon’s ont8 warehouse has also improved. Sellers can directly cooperate with Amazon’s ont8 warehouse to reduce shipping costs and inventory pressure.

High security

In addition, using the ont8 warehouse can effectively guarantee the safety of the goods. The logistics service is directly provided by Amazon official, which reduces the risk and has high security.


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