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Amazon launched the latest 2024 version of the Amazon listing scoring criteria, the weight of different elements of different product categories are different.

Why is listing completeness so important? What is the use of the Amazon listing scoring for me?

A correct and complete listing can attract a certain amount of traffic and promote conversion, its traffic and orders will be 22% higher than the incomplete listing, 9.8%1, but also to enhance the consumer shopping experience.

To determine whether the Listing is good enough, Amazon has a set of scoring standards, that is, the Listing scoring table, the higher the score indicates that the Listing is more complete, the more in line with consumer demand.


 Amazon listing scoring

Amazon listing scoring


Amazon listing eight elements:

Category Node, Keyword, Image, Title, Product Essentials, Product Description, A+ Page, Brand Name

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

Amazon listing scoring criteria

1, Home and living products category, key attributes all fill out the elements, accounting for the largest proportion of 25%, followed by A + page, accounting for 12.5%, followed by classification leaf nodes and the main picture has zoom function elements, accounting for 10%.

2, Fashion products category, the largest proportion of key attributes to fill in all the elements, accounting for 25%, followed by A + page, accounting for 12.5%, followed by the classification leaf node and the main picture with zoom function elements, accounting for 10%.

3, Consumer electronics products, the largest proportion of the same key attributes to fill in all the elements, accounting for 25%, followed by the classification of leaf nodes, accounting for 20%, followed by the elements of the search keywords, A + page, product description, the main picture has a zoom function elements, accounting for 10%.

4, Consumer products, the largest proportion is with A+ page, accounting for 12.5%, followed by the category leaf node and the main image with zoom function, accounting for 10%.

Here are some knowledge about Amazon listing optimization in this video:


Compared with the 2023 version, the 2024 version of the scale has four new key scoring items.

1. All key attributes are filled in

2、10 characters<title length<200 characters

3, Title starts with brand name

4, Image information completeness


FBA product competitor analysis

Amazon listing scoring



1, In all the Amazon listing scoring columns, the highest score is “key attributes all fill in”, accounting for 25%.

“Key attributes all fill in the elements”, mainly to allow sellers to fill in more information about the product, such as product color, size, material, price, etc., the more detailed the product information filled in, the higher the score, all filled in that is full marks. Amazon does this, mainly to allow sellers to provide consumers with more clear and correct product information, to facilitate consumers to make the right purchase decision, thereby reducing the possibility of subsequent returns.

2, In addition to consumer electronics products, “A + page”, scoring accounted for 12.5%, in all scoring columns, ranked second. A + page for a Listing’s importance, in the new scoring rules, rose to a higher status, highlighting the Amazon platform more and more advocate and attach importance to the development of branding.

3, “The main picture is a high-definition version and support zoom” accounted for 10%, explaining the importance of Amazon images, high-quality pictures.

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