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Amazon’s intellectual property rights are divided into three main types: copyright, trademark, and patent. If you make an Amazon intellectual property complaint to defend your rights, after Amazon’s platform confirms it, the offending seller will be punished by having their sales rights withdrawn. And will pursue other legal consequences for the corresponding sellers.

Consequences of copyright infringement Amazon

(1) Affects the normal operation of the account

(2) may also have to pay a high amount of compensation

Mild infringement

Listing is taken down
Amazon warned that the account is at risk of deactivation

Serious infringement

Resulting in the account being removed from selling privileges

Amazon intellectual property complaint

Amazon intellectual property complaint

Severe infringement

Freezing of sales in the seller’s account
Payment of claims from the rights holder

Tips: Although Amazon infringement can bring short-term benefits, they can always do more harm than good in the long run.

How to initiate an Amazon intellectual property complaint?

Method 1: File a patent complaint through the brand’s page of record

Step 1: Open the link ,login account, enter the brand management page, and click on “Report Violation”;

Step 2: Select the corresponding country and site, enter the ASIN number you want to complain about, check the product you want to complain about in the search results, and select the complaint type;

Step 3: Select “Patent Infringement” as the complaint type, fill in the relevant information after jumping to the complaint page, and click submit.

After submitting the complaint, please pay attention to the email notification or case progress.

Amazon warehouse locations in Florida

Amazon intellectual property complaint

Method 2: Directly find the complaint portal on Amazon and file a complaint

1. Open the link ,enter the background and select Performance – Account Status – Report Abuse of Amazon Policies;

2. Select intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, patent) violations and click on the “Public Notice Form”;

3. Select or fill in the content according to the actual situation after the page jump (Note: design patent is design patent, utility patent is invention patent, you need to choose correctly, otherwise it will affect the success rate of the complaint);

Additional information:

① I am the owner of the brand, the brand name of the product is: A, the patent number is: B. (You can describe the details of the patent appropriately.)

②Seller ID:X appears to be using our patent without authorization and selling our patented appearance products, the other party is selling counterfeit goods.

③Tried to get in touch with the other party, but the other party can not provide the corresponding proof of authorization.

④Selling counterfeit merchants have seriously damaged the platform rules of Amazon and the legitimate rights and interests of brand patent holders, requesting Amazon platform to take down their products as soon as possible to protect our brand and patent rights and interests.

Amazon intellectual property complaint

Amazon intellectual property complaint

Method 3: Participate in Amazon’s neutral evaluation process

Currently, accepts neutral evaluation of design patents and invention patents, and you can search for the Amazon Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) program on Amazon and participate in it.

Method 4: Consider hiring an attorney

Collect evidence against the infringer and sue the infringer in federal court to better protect and defend your rights.

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Amazon intellectual property complaint

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