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What is Amazon Freight Forwarding Service?

A Amazon freight forwarder, also known as an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), is a company or individual that helps companies or individuals organize shipments to obtain goods from manufacturers or producers to their final destinations (which can be customer’s destination or market).

As we just discussed, Amazon Freight Forwarding Service simply move products between places. This movement can usually be divided into three phases. The three stages are as follows:

From the supplier to the customs of the country of origin.

From the country of origin to the country of destination.

From the customs of the destination country to the Amazon fulfillment center or consolidation center.(Shipping from China to US Amazon

Amazon Freight Forwarding Service

You can judge what kind of Amazon Freight Forwarding Service you should choose from the following points.


How long have they been in operation?

How many successful shipments have they made before?

Experience is by no means the ultimate measure, but it’s a good starting point.
Amazon Freight Forwarding Service can be costly and when you are faced with spending large amounts of cash it is always best to minimize the risk and one way of doing this is through experience.

Additional Packaging Services

When it comes to Amazon Freight Forwarding Service, each product has its specific packaging needs. For example, some items require double boxing. Most have pallet requirements.
These packages also need to be properly labeled and, in some cases, secured (to prevent possible theft). A good supplier will be one who is well informed and experienced in all of these areas.

Whether to provide insurance

Whether or not you ship and sell specialty products, you should make sure your freight forwarder offers insurance. This could be basic loss, damage costs or something more tailored. Don’t trust a freight forwarder who doesn’t offer insurance.

Amazon Freight Forwarding Service

How Much Does an Amazon Freight Forwarding Service Cost?

The shipping cost for your freight forwarding service will mainly depend on these three factors.

Commodity weight

Cargo volume – in cubic meters or “CBM”.

Ship From/To – For example, a 100kg shipment from China to Los Angeles is cheaper than a 100kg shipment from China to New York due to shipping distance.
Be mindful when budgeting…alcohol products, liquids, certain batteries and other “hazardous items” will most likely cost you more to ship than simple plastic products.

Some Terms You Should Know When Using Amazon Freight Forwarding Service

Export License: You need this document to obtain products from any foreign country.

Commercial Invoice: This document lists details of the products you are taking out of the country. It also contains all the details of entering your country for your business.

Proof of Delivery: Proof of Delivery is an essential document that may come in handy in the event of an accident. With the evidence, you’ll know exactly where the product went missing.

Special Certificates: Sellers in the baby products and seeds business may require special clearance certificates.

Bill of Lading: Many services call this a BOL or Bill of Lading. Receiving this certificate highlights the work of the shipper and carrier.

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