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An Amazon freight brokerage is an organization that assists sellers in transporting goods from a factory (usually overseas) to an Amazon fulfillment center.
For novice sellers who are new to Amazon, it is very important to find a reliable and affordable Amazon freight brokerage with guaranteed timeliness, because a reliable logistics company can provide you with some help at the beginning.

Especially the notices about shipping can make it easier for us to complete the transportation.

How should we find a reliable Amazon freight brokerage?

Advantage route

First of all, as a competitive Amazon FBA freight forwarder, it must have the advantages of route control and overseas delivery.

Amazon freight brokerage

Company Size

There are tens of thousands of freight forwarders in China. From the perspective of scale, those with less than 30 employees are small freight forwarders. It is almost impossible to specify the advantages of these two aspects. Therefore, Amazon freight brokerage cannot choose freight forwarders that are too small.

Value-added services

Secondly, we also need to pay attention to the services we can provide. Most Amazon freight brokerage now provide one-stop services such as door-to-door collection, customs clearance, and delivery, which can meet the basic logistics needs of customers.

Pickup available
Through cooperation with domestic logistics companies, Xiongda can provide customers with 24-hour door-to-door pick-up service across the country according to customer needs. You can enjoy safe, convenient and time-saving services.

You don’t need to waste time to contact the vehicle to deliver the goods, all these will be handed over to Xiongda International Logistics to help you do it all the way.

Amazon freight brokerage

Trailer loading
Xiongda has long-term and stable cooperative trailer companies located in Shanghai, Dalian, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha and other major port cities. For the FCL export business by sea, Xiongda International Logistics can also provide trailer pick-up and return services.

Whether it is paperless electronic customs declaration or hand-to-hand customs declaration, whether it is self-owned document declaration or Yida declaration, whether it is general trade declaration or bill declaration, we can do it for you.

Free storage
Do your goods need to be temporarily stored in a third-party overseas warehouse? Does your goods need to be palletized after arriving at the port of destination? Your goods need to be delivered to multiple addresses after customs clearance at the destination? No problem, these Xiongda International Logistics can help you do it!

Professional level

The strength of product transportation is also very important. This is mainly related to whether your goods can enter the FBA warehouse on time.

If the Amazon freight brokerage can’t even meet the standard of basic timeliness without the influence of force majeure factors, then this company may not transport you according to the transportation method you requested, cut corners and reduce their transportation costs, but Actually damage your interests, this kind of behavior is strictly prohibited in Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Amazon freight brokerage

Service attitude

Another is service attitude and professionalism. From these two aspects, we can see whether the attitude and communication of Amazon freight brokerage are good, and whether they can provide a reasonable solution when encountering problems, etc. These are also very important.

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