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Amazon FBA, the full name is Fulfilment by Amazon, that is, the seller delivers the goods to the Amazon fulfillment center (that is, the first FBA journey).

Amazon is responsible for storing and managing the goods, picking and packaging the goods and providing fast delivery, and providing local languages to customers. service and return service.

The ways for Amazon FBA shipping from China

Express shipping

Amazon FBA shipping from China by express is ideal for shipments with volume and gross weight less than 1m3 and 200kg respectively. Billable weight is gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. The formula used to calculate volumetric weight is total CBM divided by 5000.

Often, suppliers can obtain reasonable rates for shipments of this size from local freight forwarders. However, if you have a cooperating freight forwarder in China, it may be advantageous to get a quote from your forwarder in case something goes wrong during the shipping process.

Amazon FBA shipping from China by express is the fastest way. However, the time saved comes at a high price. General cargo by express to the US will cost around $8 per kilo.

Shipping using courier services is also risky and in some cases there are additional requirements for shipping such as forms to be submitted. If handled improperly, the goods will be returned to China. All costs incurred will be borne by the buyer.

This is why it is highly recommended to look for a reputable forwarder as they can ensure that all compliance requirements are met before shipping.

Amazon FBA shipping from China

Air transport

When your cargo weighs more than 200 kg and exceeds 2 cubic meters, Amazon FBA shipping from China by air Freight is the best choice.

It is recommended that you still use a freight forwarder in China when Amazon FBA shipping from China by air, as they will be able to take advantage of their high volume rates to offer you a much lower cost than your supplier, or if you can try arranging the shipping yourself.

The advantage of Amazon FBA shipping from China by air freight is much faster than ocean freight and may even be cheaper than ocean LCL for small batches. The average transit time for air freight is 5 to 9 days after departure from China.

Amazon FBA shipping from China by air is usually cheaper per kilo than by air express. In addition to this, the factor used to calculate dimensional weight is higher, which means that shipments billed by dimensional weight are cheaper compared to air freight. Volumetric weight can be calculated as the total CBM divided by 6000.

While air shipping is usually much cheaper than express delivery, shipping is still more expensive. Therefore, it is best to check with your freight forwarder to find out which option is best for you.

Amazon FBA shipping from China

Sea freight

Amazon FBA shipping from China by sea freight is the best option when the volume of the shipment is at least 2 cubic meters or the weight is 400 kg or more.

There are two common options for Amazon FBA shipping from China by sea freight: Less Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL).

The quantity of your shipment will determine which of the two options is more suitable for you.

The price per cubic meter of LCL shipments is usually 3 times that of FCL shipments. However, it is the best choice for shipments less than 14 CBM. If the cargo is larger than the above mentioned volumes, a full container may be more suitable, even if your cargo does not fill the entire container.

The main advantage of Amazon FBA shipping from China by sea freight is that it is much cheaper than air express or China air if the cargo meets the recommended minimum volume and weight of 2 cubic meters and 400 kg. In addition to cost, ocean freight can often transport goods that cannot be shipped by air.

Shipping time is a trade-off as a cheaper air freight option. Therefore, it is advisable to plan and add some buffers in logistics to avoid any disruption to your supply chain.

Amazon FBA shipping from China

Precautions for Amazon FBA shipping from China – Chinese statutory holidays

We’ve already mentioned how China holidays can affect your available shipping routes and times, but it can also affect the following:
increase shipping
raise commodity prices
Victim product quality

China is famous for its long holidays. So it’s best to know when China celebrates their holidays to avoid delays in your production or shipment.

New Year’s Day – January 1
Although China is known to celebrate the New Year based on the lunar calendar, New Year’s Day, based on the Gregorian calendar, is also considered a regular holiday. People usually take 3 days off during this holiday.

Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) – the first day of the lunar calendar
The Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is the most important festival in China. In China, people enjoy at least a week off to be with their families. Factory workers usually use the holiday to return home to spend time with their families. Most manufacturers will have at least ten days off to make way for the holiday. Others even last a month. Chinese New Year is usually in January or February.

Amazon FBA shipping from China

Qingming Festival (Qingming Festival) – April 4th or 5th
Tomb-sweeping Day is the day when the Chinese people worship their ancestors. Workers usually have a day off.

Labor Day (May 1st) – May 1st
Like other countries, China celebrates Labor Day on the first day of May. However, China can celebrate longer than other countries. For example, China celebrates May Day for 5 days in 2020.

Dragon Boat Festival – the fifth day of the fifth lunar month
The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the famous cultural festivals in China. During this period, the Chinese people enjoy a 3-day holiday. This holiday is usually in June.

Mid-Autumn Festival – the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month
The Mid-Autumn Festival, or also known as the Mooncake Festival, is considered one of the most important festivals in China. People usually enjoy at least 3 days of vacation during the Mid-

Autumn Festival. This holiday is close to National Day as it usually falls in September. In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be on the same day as Golden Week.

National Day (Golden Week) – October 1st.
National Day is one of the longest holidays in China as it is a week-long non-working holiday for the Chinese people. Every October 1st is National Day.
If you are still interested in Amazon FBA shipping from China, please follow our next article!

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