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Shipping Mark is a sign used to identify the source, nature and quantity of goods, and is usually used in logistics transportation and trade activities. Marks can be words, symbols or patterns, and their purpose is to facilitate the identification and management of goods.

In international trade, the use of marks is an important trade regulation.

What is the role of the Shipping Mark

Identify the source of the goods

the shipping lable can identify the company or brand to which the goods belong, which helps consumers to identify and recognize the goods.

Identify the nature of the goods

The mark can identify the nature of the goods, such as dangerous goods, fragile goods, etc., so that corresponding measures can be taken during transportation.

Identify the quantity of goods

The shipping lable can also identify the quantity and packaging method of the goods to facilitate warehouse management and transportation arrangements.


Shipping Mark


Type of Shipping Mark

Product name

write the product name on the shipping marks to help consumers recognize the product.

Batch number

Each batch has a unique batch number. Marking the batch number on the shipping mark helps to track the source of the product and the date of production.


Marking the weight or volume information on the shipping mark will help warehouse managers to calculate and determine the appropriate storage or transportation method.

Safety mark

For special goods such as dangerous goods or fragile goods, the corresponding safety mark needs to be marked on the shipping mark to ensure safety during transportation.


Marking the destination information on the mark will help the accuracy and timeliness of cargo transportation.


Shipping Mark


The style of the Shipping Mark


The font used on the mark should be clear and easy to read for quick identification and management.


The color used on the shipping mark should be bright and bright, so as to distinguish and manage it in the process of rapid classification.


The size of the mark should be moderate, it should be able to display clearly, and at the same time, it should not occupy too much space.


The mark should be placed in a conspicuous position on the cargo packaging box or container, so that the warehouse staff can identify and manage it.


Shipping Mark


Shipping marks and international trade

1. The mark is one of the indispensable signs in international trade. According to the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO), uniform, standardized, clear, recognizable and understandable marks must be used in international trade.

2. In international trade, shipping marks can help buyers and sellers to quickly and accurately identify goods to avoid mistakes or loss of goods.

3. Marks also help to supervise and control the quality and quantity of goods, and ensure the safety and fairness of transactions.

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