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Yiwu is not only the largest “Christmas factory” in the world, more than 550,000 foreign merchants purchase from Yiwu market wholesale every year, and more than 13,000 foreign merchants from more than 100 countries and regions are stationed in Yiwu, and their products are exported to more than 210 countries and regions around the world. countries and regions.

Yiwu market wholesale

Yiwu market wholesale

Search on the Official Yiwu market wholesale Website

where you can find all the relevant information regarding the suppliers online and their location in the market is one the online Yiwu market website:


Yiwu market wholesale Business Hours
Yiwu International Trade City is open daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.

Distribution map of Yiwu international trade market

District 1

F1: Artificial flowers/artificial flower accessories/electric toys/plush toys/inflatable toys/electric toy flowers
Accessories/Annexe (Toys/Accessories/Crafts)

F2: hair accessories/jewelry

F3: Holiday crafts/decorative crafts/ceramic crystals/travel crafts/photo frames/accessories

F4: Taiwan Business Hall/Factory Outlet Store

Yiwu market wholesale

Yiwu market wholesale

District 2

F1: raincoat/bag/umbrella/bag (school bag)

F2: Locks/electronic products/hardware tools and accessories/vehicles

F3: Hardware tools and accessories/home appliances (shavers)/electronics and digital/batteries/lights/flashlights/telecommunication equipment/clocks and watches

F4: Hong Kong Pavilion/Sichuan Pavilion/Korea Pavilion/Hardware Appliances/Electrical Appliances/Boutique Bags and Handbags/Watches

F5: Foreign trade organization/roof parking lot/foreign trade company

District 3

F1: Pen ink/paper products/glasses

F2: Office Supplies Stationery/Sporting Goods/Stationery Sports

F3: cosmetics/mirror comb/zipper button clothing accessories

F4: Cosmetics/stationery and sporting goods/zipper buttons clothing accessories

Districts 4

F1: Socks/Indoor Parking

F2: daily necessities/hats/gloves/other knitwear

F3: towel/wool yarn/tie/lace/sewing thread & tape

F4: Scarves/Belts/Bras & Underwear

F5: Travel & Shopping Malls/Factory Outlets

District 5

F1: Imported Products/African Products/Jewelry/Handcraft Photo Frames/Consumer Goods/Food

F2: bedding

F3: towels/knitted materials/fabrics/curtains

F4: Automobile (motor) accessories

Yiwu market wholesale purchasing skills

1. Pay attention to product quality

When purchasing goods, you must pay attention to the quality of the goods. Check and test the goods first to ensure that the quality of the goods meets your requirements.

2. Pay attention to product prices

In Yiwu Futian Market, commodity prices vary widely. Know the market price of the product first to ensure that the price of the product you purchase is reasonable.

3. Pay attention to the purchase quantity

When purchasing goods, be sure to pay attention to the purchase quantity. It is recommended that you reasonably control the purchase quantity according to your sales plan and inventory situation, and avoid too much or too little purchase.

4. Avoid peak season

The peak season of Yiwu Futian Market is generally around the Spring Festival, Labor Day and National Day every year. During these hours, the market has a large flow of people and businesses are relatively busy, and your purchasing efficiency may be reduced. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid the peak season and choose a time period with less traffic for purchasing.

shipping surcharge

How to ship from Yiwu to the USA?

There are different modes of transportation from Yiwu, China to the United States, and the price of each mode of transportation varies greatly, which will directly affect the final profit. So you need to choose a most cost-effective method.

Perhaps it is a good idea to hire a Chinese freight forwarder to help you ship your goods back to the US.

Here are 5 ways to ship products from Yiwu market
Air express
Air Freight (DDP)
Ordinary mail
Ocean Expedited Freight (DDP)
Sea freight (FCL/LCL – most buyers choose)

For all your needs for shipping from China to USA, please contact us today!

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