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Shipping delays are the last thing we want to happen. In international shipping, why are shipments delayed? How to deal with it?

Why are shipments delayed

The reason of the goods itself

Some unprofessional freight forwarding companies do not understand the rules of international logistics , so it is easy to consign some prohibited or sensitive goods.

Countries around the world have their own prohibited goods:

1. Everyone is familiar with drugs, guns and ammunition, weapons, etc., which are prohibited from entering the world.
Animals, plants, meat, and books are prohibited from entering almost every country, such as the United States prohibiting the entry of Chinese herbal medicines;

The UK prohibits the entry of dairy and meat products. After the goods prohibited from entering the country arrive at the customs of the destination country, they will be detained by the customs or returned directly.

2. The goods are famous brands and infringing products

3. The goods are powder, liquid, charged and other sensitive goods

Why are shipments delayed

Why are shipments delayed

Freight forwarding operation error

If the logistics operators are not professional enough or make operational mistakes, this will affect the transportation:

1. Filling in the cargo information is not standardized and incomplete:
If the quantity of the product is incorrect and the declared value does not match the actual value of the goods, it will attract the attention of the customs and cause logistics delays;

2. Shipping methods
In order to save freight and earn the freight difference, the freight forwarding company chooses a logistics transportation channel with a low price and a long transportation time.

Customs inspection

At the port of departure or the country of destination, customs inspection will also cause logistics delays to a certain extent. Regarding the inspection standard, this is random and usually depends on several factors, such as a country’s import and export policies, risk management, etc. Once the customs inspection occurs, not only the transportation will be delayed, but also the related fees will be paid.

Why are shipments delayed

Why are shipments delayed

Natural disaster

Ship delays often occur due to bad weather conditions, such as typhoons and hurricanes every summer, which have an impact on ship transportation.

Port jam

If the port of destination or the port of departure is congested, it will be blocked like a traffic jam. There are too many ships, and they will not be able to go through for a while. There are also frequent strikes in some countries, which can also cause port congestion.Why Are Shipments Delayed? 

How to deal with shipment delays?

1. Follow up in time

When cargo delays occur, it is necessary to communicate with the carrier and relevant departments or local agents in a timely manner to understand the relevant situation, formulate solutions, and formulate special measures to avoid similar problems from happening again.

2. Maintain good communication

Timely and transparent communication is critical to addressing delays and mitigating risk. It is best to be able to send reminders to customers in advance and keep customers in a state of progress.

Why are shipments delayed

Why are shipments delayed

3. Provide coordination tools

Freight forwarders need to increase investment and implement effective collaboration tools. The right software and applications can assist in updating shipping routes in a timely manner, viewing shipping delays and providing the necessary visualizations to communicate the latest customer changes.

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