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Buy wholesale from China is a profitable thing, because China’s labor force is relatively cheap and raw materials are abundant, so the price of goods is also very low, attracting a large number of importers to purchase.

Why buy wholesale from China?

Complete industrial chain

China has the most complete industrial chain in the world and can produce most of the world’s commodities. Many countries do not have the production capacity of corresponding commodities, and can purchase most of the commodities they need from China.

Stable supply

China’s labor force is cheap and sufficient, which can guarantee the delivery time and the quality of the goods. However, due to frequent strikes in other countries for various reasons, the supply chain is very unstable and cannot guarantee on-time delivery.


Buy Wholesale From China

wholesale from China


Fast delivery

The delivery speed of China’s supply chain is relatively fast, and there are many high-quality industrial workers in China. Most of them work in three shifts 24 hours a day, which can guarantee the delivery time. However, foreign factories basically do not go to work at night, plus Labor is in short supply, production efficiency is low, and on-time shipments are often not guaranteed.

Sufficient power supply

China’s sufficient power supply provides a strong impetus to ensure the operation of the manufacturing industry. However, due to the small amount of power generation in many manufacturing countries, frequent power outages cannot guarantee the continuous operation of factories, which affects the production of factories.

Top 5 Websites for buy wholesale from China


Alibaba is a B2B platform for foreign trade export under Alibaba. The average monthly traffic of the official website exceeds 100 million. With more than 300,000 paying members, 12 million registered buyers, and 29 million registered users, it is the largest B2B e-commerce website in China and even in the world.


Buy Wholesale From China

wholesale from China



Chianbrands is a B2B platform under The number of global sellers who have registered on Chianbrands exceeds 300,000, and the number of products on the platform exceeds 1 million SKUs. It provides professional services and strict product quality inspection procedures.


DHgate, as the first B2B platform for cross-border export in China, once ranked sixth in the global e-commerce website, and the transaction amount of the platform reached 10 billion.

Made in China

Made-in-China, a veteran foreign trade B2B platform in China’s cross-border e-commerce sector, has more than 20 years of experience in exporting cross-border trade platforms. In 2007, it ranked No. 1 in China’s business website list (B2B).


Buy Wholesale From China


Global Sources

Globalsources can be regarded as a veteran member of China’s cross-border e-commerce B2B foreign trade platform. At present, the main and most competitive products are electronic and gift products. The platform targets more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

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