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Open top containers do not have a rigid roof, but there can be folding roof beam support canvas, plastic cloth or plastic coated fabric made of canopy, shipment with tarpaulin cover the top of the watertight requirements and dry containers, and can be used to load and unload cargo from the top of the crane.

Suitable for loading high volume of large objects and heavy objects to be lifted, such as glass panels.

What goods are suitable for open top container?

This container is characterized by the general container box top into a canvas roof can be removed and reinforced bars, goods can be loaded from the top of the box, as shown in the figure. Suitable for open top container loading of goods are: 

  1. Difficult to load and unload from the door and need to be loaded from the top of the box for loading and unloading operations of the goods; 
  2. Ultra-high cargo; 
  3. As long as the use of sidewalls can be fixed goods, such as glass panels, plywood, general machinery and long-scale goods. 


Open Top Container

open top container


Container Classification

Dry Container

It is suitable for a variety of goods that do not need to regulate the temperature of the container used, generally known as general-purpose container. Mainly used for shipping of general groceries, is the most common container.

Refrigerated Container

(commonly known as “freezer”, can carry fresh fruit and food, etc.).

Refrigerated Container, is a kind of equipment with a freezer, the box can be adjusted at will the temperature, and in the inner wall of the laying of low thermal conductivity materials. During transportation, the refrigerator is activated to maintain the temperature at the specified temperature required by the cargo.

The top of the box is equipped with a structure and rail for hanging meat and fruits, which is suitable for containers loaded with refrigerated food, fresh fruits or special chemical goods, etc. The usual holding time is about 72 hours.

In addition to our common general container and the container, there are a lot of what we commonly known as “special cabinet”, such as: open top container, frame container, flat container, ventilated containers, hanging containers, liquid tank containers, car containers and so on.


Open Top Container

open top container


Common specifications for dry cargo containers

a. 40-foot tall container

(40HC commonly known as high cabinets): 40 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches high; about 12.192 meters long, 2.9 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally loaded with 68CBM or so.

b. 40-foot container

(40GP commonly known as flat container): 40 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches high; about 12.192 meters long, 2.6 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally loaded about 58 CBM.

c. 20-foot container

(20GP commonly known as small container): 20 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches high; about 6.096 meters long, 2.6 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally loaded about 28 CBM.

d. 45-foot high container (45HC) 

45 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches high; about 13.716 meters long, 2.9 meters high, 2.35 meters wide, generally loaded about 75CBM.

Here’s another article on container sizes, if you need to know, click to read it:

Various Shipping Container Sizes | Best Guide



Open Top Container

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