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Amazon FBA logistics is a logistics service provided by Amazon for global sellers, which can assist sellers in inventory management, order processing and distribution, thus helping sellers reduce logistics costs and improve sales efficiency.

Before using Amazon FBA logistics, we need to understand some relevant rules and how to choose the right Amazon logistics service for ourselves.

Rules of Amazon FBA logistics

Shipping requirements

Sellers need to send the goods to the warehouse designated by Amazon after selling the goods, and deliver the goods to the buyer within the specified time. Sellers need to ensure that the item is complete, clearly labeled and accurately filled with relevant information.


FBA logistics


Storage Rules

Amazon FBA warehouses will inspect the stock and the unqualified stock will be rejected or destroyed. Sellers need to understand Amazon’s storage rules, including billing standards for different product categories and storage time limits.

Warehouse Age Charges

If the inventory is in the warehouse for more than a certain period of time, it will incur aging charges. Sellers need to manage inventory in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary costs.

Return Rules

Amazon FBA will assist in handling return requests, sellers need to understand the return rules and provide information.

How to choose the right Amazon FBA logistics service for you?

Shipping distance

If the distance between seller and buyer is close, you can choose Amazon FBA local inventory.


FBA logistics


Product Attributes

Amazon FBA logistics can handle many different products, but some may require additional restrictions or approvals. Sellers need to be aware of product attributes and Amazon policy requirements.

Billing Standards

Amazon FBA logistics has different billing rates, including storage fees, order delivery fees, and handling fees. Sellers need to understand these costs and how to best utilize billing rates to reduce costs.

Detailed Management

Sellers need to manage product details, including product name, SKU, price, categorization and so on. Good or bad detail management directly affects operational results.

Service Quality

Choosing the right Amazon FBA logistics service for you also needs to consider the service quality, including warehouse management, order processing and delivery efficiency. Sellers need to look for Amazon FBA service providers with good reputation.

In short, Amazon FBA logistics is an effective way for sellers to reduce the logistics burden and improve sales efficiency. It should be noted that sellers need to master the relevant rules and choose logistics services reasonably, so as to maximize the various advantages of Amazon FBA logistics.


FBA logistics


Selling on Amazon and finding a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder is a big step towards success.

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