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What are freight charges from China to USA? The costs for shipping from China to USA depending on factors such as different shipping methods, types of goods, and shipping distances.

This article will introduce what are freight charges of US shipping from the aspects of basic shipping, additional fees, customs duties and other fees.


What are freight charges

What are freight charges


What are freight charges from China to USA?

Basic shipping fee

Base Price: This is the minimum shipping rate based on the weight or volume of the item. Generally speaking, the freight per kilogram is the main criterion for measuring the basic price.

Sea freight from China to USA

1. Composition of sea freight

The composition of sea freight includes basic freight, surcharges and miscellaneous charges.

2. Shipping cost calculation

Calculated by volume: X1 = unit base freight (MTQ) x total volume
Calculated by weight: X2 = unit base freight (TNE) x total gross weight
Finally, take the larger of X1 and X2.


What are freight charges

What are freight charges


Air freight from China to USA

1. Composition of air freight

Air freight is composed of basic freight, fuel surcharge, war surcharge and other surcharges.

2. Calculation of air freight

Air freight is usually calculated based on the greater of the actual weight or volumetric weight of the shipment. The specific calculation formula is: freight = weight per kilogram × freight per kilogram.

Additional fees

Overweight Fees: If the shipment exceeds a certain weight limit, the shipping line may charge an overweight fee. Different shipping lines and routes may have different restrictions.

Packing Charges: Shipping lines may charge additional packing charges if the shipment requires a specially customized box or container.

Insurance: Some shipping companies provide cargo transportation insurance, which will be added to the shipping cost if necessary.

Shipping Fees: For some specific regions or cities, the shipping company may charge additional shipping fees.


What are freight charges

What are freight charges



Duties: Import duties may be payable when goods enter the United States. Tax rates vary according to the category and value of the goods.

Taxes: In addition to customs duties, there may be other shipping-related taxes such as sales tax, use tax, etc.

Other fees

Storage Fees: If the shipment needs to stay at the destination for a certain period of time, storage fees may be charged. This fee is usually calculated based on the size, weight and dwell time of the shipment.

Handling Charges: Additional handling charges may apply if the shipment needs to be transported from a truck or container to its destination.

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