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Terminal charges paid by ocean freight include: Wharfage Charges, port construction fees, documentation fees, license exchange fees, storage fees, miscellaneous fees, three inspection fees, terminal tax, customs declaration and commodity inspection fees, etc.

Wharfage Charges

Wharfage Charges refers to some costs incurred by the wharf as an important transit station for goods during shipment or importation.


Wharfage Charges

Wharfage Charges


(1) Port fee: it is the basic fee of the terminal, which will be different depending on the port.

(2) Port diversion fee: Due to the limited capacity of ports, cargoes are usually given a certain period of free storage in the port. Beyond this period, the goods will be diverted to yards near the port, and the resulting cargo handling and short barging fees are collectively referred to as port diversion fees.

Due to the impact of the Tianjin Ruihai explosion accident, cargo owners with outbound transportation of dangerous goods feel it quite deeply.

(3) Spraying fee: it refers to the spraying and cooling of containers stacked at the terminal, mainly for dangerous goods containers occurring in summer.

(4) Container management fee: for dangerous goods imported goods generated by the terminal storage costs.

(5) Security fee: port information security fee, generally generated for imported and exported goods.

(6) Loading and unloading fee, dumping fee, loading and unloading fee: refers to the labor cost related to the operation of containers at terminals.

(7) Cargo Handling Fee: Fees incurred for cargo counting, guiding loading and stacking, organizing and checking cargo.

(8) Unpacking Charges: Charges incurred for unpacking of containers due to customs/commercial inspection or other reasons.

(9) Stowage Fee: Fees incurred for storing heavy containers for a period longer than the free stowage time at the terminal.

(10) Port Construction Fee: Generally used for ship transportation of bulk cargo. It refers to a kind of governmental fund levied by the state for the construction of port public infrastructure, inland water transportation, and support and guarantee system.


Wharfage Charges

Wharfage Charges


Ocean Freight Surcharge

In order to maintain the stability of the basic tariff for a certain period of time and correctly reflect the transportation cost of various goods in different ports, liner companies have stipulated various surcharges in addition to the basic tariff.

Fuel surcharge

Added when there is a sudden increase in fuel prices.

Currency Depreciation Surcharge

In case of currency depreciation, a certain percentage of the basic tariff will be added to the surcharge so that the actual income of the ship will not be reduced.

Transshipment Surcharge

If cargoes destined for non-basic ports need to be transshipped to the port of destination, the shipping company will levy a surcharge, which includes transshipment fee and two-way freight.

Direct Sailing Surcharge

When the cargo to a non-basic port reaches a certain quantity, the shipping company can arrange direct sailing to that port without transshipment, but a surcharge will be levied.


Wharfage Charges

Wharfage Charges


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