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The situation of the ultimate consignee indicated on the international logistics waybill is more complicated. This is somewhat similar to the consignor’s situation. Sometimes, due to import control reasons, the ultimate consignee (such as an agent) is not reflected on the waybill.

The consignee on the waybill is often the importer, but the real consignee may be displayed on the “Notifier-NotifyParty”. In addition, in the case of complex shipments, the meaning of the consignee shown on the master waybill and house waybill is different. The consignee on the house waybill is often the real consignee, while the consignee on the master waybill is often the freight forwarder.

The ultimate consignee needs to submit information

IRS number

In this way, it will be easier for customs authorities to trace the goods to their final destination.

ultimate consignee

Difference between intermediate consignee and ultimate consignee

An intermediate consignee is the individual responsible for delivering the goods to the claimed owner while in transit.

The ultimate consignee is the person who has the right to take delivery of the goods.

Additionally, the intermediate consignee may be a bank or any other individual acting as agent for the principal’s benefit.

Although the ultimate consignee does not act as a forward agent or any other intermediary, it can be the end user of the goods.

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What are the instructions for ultimate consignee to fill out the Bis -711 form?

Fill in the ultimate consignee’s name and address information clearly to ensure that the information is correct. This information will be used during customs inspection and delivery of the goods.

If you are completing the form as an agent, please include your client name and address information in this field.

If you are the actual consignee but use an agent for the import declaration, please fill in your name and address information in this column.

If you are not the actual consignee, but a middleman or reseller, please fill in your name and address information in this column, and indicate your identity in the remarks column.

If you do not know the name and address information of the ultimate consignee, please fill in your name and address information in this column, and explain the situation in the remarks column.

If the shipment will be donated to a charity or other non-profit organization, please include the organization’s name and address information in this field.

If the goods will be used for commercial purposes, please fill in your company name and address information in this column.

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