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To track freight shipment in time, you can be more certain about the delivery time of your goods, thus avoiding a lot of some bad consequences due to uncontrollable factors.

Being fully aware of the status of your cargo transportation also allows you to share it with your partners, and by doing so, the level of trust between you can rise.

About track freight shipment

In fact, most logistics companies provide online tracking function. After the parcel is shipped, the logistics company will provide you with a unique tracking number.

After that you can enter this tracking number on the official website of the logistics company to check the status of the parcel. Usually, you can see the current location of the parcel, the transportation status and the estimated delivery time. Some logistics companies also offer mobile apps that allow you to check the status of your parcel anytime, anywhere.


track freight shipment

track freight shipment


Other methods

You can also check the status of your parcel through email and SMS.

When you send a parcel, the courier company associates your contact information with the parcel’s tracking number. When the status of the parcel changes, the courier company will send you a notification via email or SMS. This method is more convenient because you don’t need to keep an eye on the status of the parcel, just wait for the notification from the courier company.

How to track freight shipment ?

The way of international logistics inquiry can choose different ways to inquire according to the different logistics companies.

The following are some common ways to inquire about international logistics:

Logistics company official website query: most international logistics companies provide online query system, you can enter your parcel tracking number on the company’s official website for query.

Third-party logistics tracking platform: for example, 17track, 51tracking, etc. These platforms can track the parcels of many logistics companies, you only need to enter your tracking number on the platform.

International express comprehensive platform: for example, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and other large courier companies, they provide online query system can track the parcels of multiple international courier companies, you only need to enter your tracking number on the platform.


track freight shipment

track freight shipment


Customer service query: If you can not find your parcel information in the above ways, you can contact the corresponding logistics company’s customer service query, provide your parcel tracking number and order information, customer service personnel will help you query the latest state of the parcel.

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