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There are three main methods for shipping to USA Amazon FBA from China, namely direct express, air + express delivery, and ocean + express delivery.

Express delivery is an FBA delivery mode built by commercial express delivery. It can be delivered directly to the United States and delivered to Amazon’s FBA warehouse. It is characterized by fast timeliness and good stability.

Air + express delivery. It is a cost-effective logistics service created by international logistics companies using dedicated line services and integrating professional logistics service providers at the destination. It is characterized by fast speed and can provide customs clearance services.

Sea + express delivery, similar to air shipping, is a shipping plus terminal delivery mode. By cooperating with the shipping company, using the shipping company’s shipping, docking with the destination’s professional logistics services, to create a kind of shipping to USA Amazon FBA. This kind of logistics is characterized by large carrying capacity, low tariff and slow timeliness.

Compared with ocean and air freight, shipping to USA Amazon FBA by international express has the shortest transportation time, good service, and the fastest aging, but the price is the most expensive.

To use Amazon FBA for delivery to the United States, you not only need to learn to choose FBA logistics, but also need to understand FBA’s delivery operation process and Amazon warehouse requirements. Only by understanding each operation link and operation standard can you ensure that the goods can be put into storage smoothly. In addition, the customs policy of the destination country is also a key point that needs attention.

shipping to USA Amazon FBA

How to Choose shipping to USA Amazon FBA Company?

1. According to the mode of transportation

We mainly choose the mode of shipping to USA Amazon FBA, including air, sea, and express delivery. These three are different in price, timeliness, and deliverable items. Sellers can choose the right one according to their product characteristics and logistics needs. mode of transportation.

2. According to the logistics price

At present, there are many logistics companies on the market, and there are many logistics methods to choose from. There are many companies that can provide shipping to USA Amazon FBA. The logistics quotations of various logistics companies are also different. Although it may be a difference of a few dollars, for users who have long-term mailing needs, the accumulated cost is not a small expense.

Therefore, when we choose the logistics method, we need to understand the logistics quotation, compare the logistics methods, know the reasons for the price difference, and make a more appropriate choice.

3. According to the logistics advantages

Different logistics methods have different advantages. By understanding their advantages and disadvantages, sellers choose a more suitable service for shipping to USA Amazon FBA in the face of different products and product delivery at different times.

4. According to the customs clearance level

FBA is not responsible for customs clearance. Therefore, when we choose to shipping to USA Amazon FBA, we need to choose a logistics method that provides customs clearance services, which can save us a lot of things.

shipping to USA Amazon FBA

What are the factors that affect the time to shipping to USA Amazon FBA?

1. Item problem

Such as contraband, brands, counterfeit products, sensitive items

The customs inspection probability of such items is higher than that of ordinary goods. Generally, there will be delays in customs clearance. In serious cases, the goods will be detained or returned directly, which will affect the delivery time of shipping to USA Amazon FBA. 

2. Unloading

When transporting from China to the United States, the container needs to be unloaded to the wharf before it can be picked up, and there are also some uncertain factors in the unloading time. For example, the peak season will take longer, 4-6 days, and now it may take 10 days, and the off-season Relatively fast, usually two or three days.

3. Truck appointment time

If it is fast shipping + delivery, it is very good to send express at the last link, because there is no need to make an appointment for the Amazon warehouse. If it is a slow ship, and the tail haul is delivered by truck, there are many variables.

shipping to USA Amazon FBA

In terms of warehouse capacity and trucking time, it usually takes 2-3 days to reach the larger FBA warehouses in the western US and 4-5 days to reach the eastern US. But it depends on the trucking company’s delivery frequency and pickup time. Sometimes there are 4-5 shifts a week, sometimes more. But now, there are more than 1 class per week. 

4. Customs spot check

When customs clearance, whether it is domestic or foreign, it will also affect the time limit. The customs of each country will conduct random checks on the goods. If your goods are unfortunately selected for re-inspection, the logistics timeliness of this batch of goods will be affected. Under normal circumstances, as long as there is no problem with the goods, the goods will be released normally within 3 working days.

5. Natural disasters

The occurrence of natural disasters will affect the logistics timeliness of goods. For example, snowstorms in the United States, sandstorms in Germany, etc., will affect the delivery time of shipping to USA Amazon FBA due to their great impact on the transportation system.

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