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If you are an Amazon seller and need to import your products from China, then you need to shipping to the US Amazon FBA from China .

Shipping from China to US Amazon FBA takes 4 to 40 days, depending on the vehicle.
If you use express shipping method, it will take 4-7 days, air shipping will take 7-12 days, ocean shipping from China to USA usually takes longer, generally 20-40 days.

Shipping to the US Amazon FBA Notes

1. Control the size of the outer box

Take the US station as an example, the size of any side of the carton should not exceed 63.5cm (unless the size of the single item sold exceeds 63.5cm), which is shipping to the US Amazon FBA for The rigid regulations of the outer box.

If the size of any side of the outer box exceeds 63.5cm, the packing box should be placed on a pallet of 1m × 1.25m to facilitate the Amazon FBA warehouse staff to use machinery for handling operations.

Shipping to the US Amazon FBA

2. Control the weight of a single product

Each Amazon site has different regulations for the maximum weight of a single item. The maximum weight for shipping to the US Amazon FBA is 22.5kg, 15kg in Europe, and 15kg in Japan.

For shipments that exceed this weight standard, Amazon stipulates that sellers must mark the “Team Lift” label on the outer box, which is the “Multiple Handling” label. For single shipments over 45kg in the United States and 30kg in Europe, the seller needs to post a “Mech Lift” label, which is a “mechanical handling” label.

3. Control the outer box packaging

For the protection of warehouse staff and the improvement of work efficiency, Amazon prohibits sellers from using packing tape, elastic tape, nylon fiber tape, etc. in the outer box packaging.

4. Labels can’t be forgotten

The label of origin should be affixed well, and the label or logo of “Made In China” should be added to the label of each product and the label of the outer box. This is not for Amazon, but to prevent customs from having an accident during the inspection process.

The customs of various countries have clear regulations on the origin of the goods. The goods that do not have the original product label as required may be detained or refused entry. The product label can be directly added below the FNSKU code.

Shipping to the US Amazon FBA

The important role of shipping to the US Amazon FBA freight forwarders

Shipping goods to Amazon can be time-consuming. It is worth looking for a suitable trucking company that has experience in this type of shipping. We encourage you to use our Xiongda International Logistics, which will save you time and allow you to quickly choose the right shipping company.

The shipping to the US Amazon FBA freight forwarder will coordinate each stage of the shipment. Choosing the right freight forwarder will be the best solution for all those who have no experience in the field of freight forwarding.

Your best bet is to choose a shipping company that knows how to ship to FBA.

Shipping to the US Amazon FBA – Freight Forwarding Tasks

The freight forwarder warehouse should mainly:

Check the goods for damage

Make sure and check that the item is packaged according to Amazon’s requirements

Label products according to labeling rules

Pack the goods correctly on the pallet

Schedule a delivery date

Ship the goods to the appropriate Amazon order processing center
Using the services of a shipping company will comply with the shipping standards set by Amazon. More importantly, this will reduce the risk of Amazon FBA rejecting the shipment.


When Amazon receives the shipments, they will be assigned to the FBA hub. Products should be available for sale within three business days.
An Amazon merchant account allows you to monitor and track shipments.

Shipping to the US Amazon FBA

How to choose shipping to the US Amazon FBA freight forwarder

The first point is strong professionalism, which can provide professional logistics services for cargo owners, provide packaging for safe and stable international transportation of goods, and help coordinate processing and solve troubles when accidents occur.

The second point is that the price is cheap. The ultimate purpose of choosing a logistics provider is to enjoy efficient and smooth international transportation services at the lowest logistics cost. Therefore, the postage cost is also an important reference standard.

The third point is the handling capacity of goods in peak season. The Amazon platform itself has relatively large seasonal changes, and sellers in peak season often run out of inventory. Once the goods cannot be replenished in time, the optimized listing that consumes manpower, material resources and financial resources will not be worth the candle.


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