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Shipping to Amazon FBA from China is a very common and profitable Amazon business strategy.It’s not as complicated as it sounds. It does, though, be a bit more complicated than simply requiring suppliers to put a UPS label on them.

For many novice sellers on Amazon, shipping to Amazon FBA is a relatively complicated process, and many detailed requirements are not very clear. This is a very important step, because it will directly affect the entire timeliness of the goods to the customer.

Today we will analyze what are the requirements for shipping to Amazon FBA.

Shipping to Amazon FBA mainly requires product packaging and carton packaging.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Product Packaging Requirements

1. Each product must be individually and firmly packaged;

2. Amazon does not accept products that require multiple parts assembled by Amazon (for example, the handle and legs of the trolley are packaged separately, but sold as one product);

3. Commodities without safety packaging need to be packaged in bags, or fixed with non-adhesive tape, removable tape, etc.;

4. Regardless of the material of the shoes and boots, they must be packed in a shoe box or a polyethylene plastic bag with a suffocation warning to ensure that the material of the shoes and boots will not be exposed;

5. Set products need to be marked with a set mark on the package, for example: do not disassemble the set;

6. If the single product in the set has its own ASIN, you need to provide an ASIN for the set, and the barcode of the single product cannot face outwards or be covered to avoid scanning errors by Amazon FBA warehouse staff.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Shipping to Amazon FBA Carton Packaging Requirements

1. Cartons and packaging materials (such as: liners, fillers) must fully protect the goods during transportation. Packaging items in packaging materials that are not accepted by Amazon’s fulfillment centers will result in product rejection or additional packaging charges.

2. Use large-sized cushions, such as air pillows, full sheets of paper, foam paper or bubble wrap, and do not use loose materials for padding.

3. The size of the carton is selected to ensure the least empty space in the carton after the goods are placed. Space utilization can also be maximized by packing multiple items in one carton (provided the items are not damaged).

4.Shipping to Amazon FBA cartons cannot be bundled with packing tape, elastic bands, or tapes with additional packing tape. Jumbo staples or nylon fiber tape cannot be used as they pose a safety hazard to warehouse colleagues.

5. Multiple cartons determined to be sold together (for example: a set) weighing more than 45 kg must be placed on a single pallet (one product for sale corresponds to one pallet).

6. Carton goods (for example: furniture) sold as a single piece weigh more than 45 kg and need to be palletized. Pallet-sized boxes (also known as “Gaylords”) are not permitted.

7. Shipping to Amazon FBA must not use point-of-sale containers commonly used to display merchandise (such as front-opening boxes or boxes without lids).


Shipping to Amazon FBA

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