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China is one of the world’s largest manufacturing bases and one of Amazon’s most important suppliers. Amazon sellers from all over the world choose to customize their products in China and shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in the United States to meet the needs of the American market.

Before shipping to Amazon FBA  warehouse, you need to know the following aspects:

Choose the right logistics channel

Prepare the cargo list

Packaging standards

Shipping label

Logistics Tracking

Declaration and customs clearance

Today we will analyze what are the requirements for shipping to Amazon FBA.

Shipping to Amazon FBA mainly requires product packaging and carton packaging.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Product Packaging Requirements

1. Each product must be individually and firmly packaged;

2. Amazon does not accept products that require multiple parts assembled by Amazon (for example, the handle and legs of the trolley are packaged separately, but sold as one product);

3. Commodities without safety packaging need to be packaged in bags, or fixed with non-adhesive tape, removable tape, etc.;

4. Regardless of the material of the shoes and boots, they must be packed in a shoe box or a polyethylene plastic bag with a suffocation warning to ensure that the material of the shoes and boots will not be exposed;

5. Set products need to be marked with a set mark on the package, for example: do not disassemble the set;

6. If the single product in the set has its own ASIN, you need to provide an ASIN for the set, and the barcode of the single product cannot face outwards or be covered to avoid scanning errors by Amazon FBA warehouse staff.

Shipping to Amazon FBA


There are some requirements for shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in the United States, the following are some things that you may need to pay attention to:

Prepare list

You need to provide a list of goods, and the list needs to include information such as the SKU number, name, quantity and weight of each product.

Packaging standard

The goods need to be packed according to Amazon’s packaging standards to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation and storage.
These standards include using proper packing materials, preventing packing materials from collapsing or becoming loose, avoiding outdated or damaged packaging, using proper packing tape, etc.

Shipping Labels

You will need to affix the correct shipping labels to each shipment, including Amazon’s FNSKU labels and shipping labels.

Logistics channel

You can choose different logistics channels to transport the goods to the Amazon warehouse, such as by air, sea or land.
You need to choose an appropriate logistics channel to ensure that the goods can reach the warehouse within the specified time and meet Amazon’s requirements.

Declaration and Customs Declaration

When the goods are imported into the United States, you need to declare and declare them in accordance with the requirements of the US Customs.
You need to understand the regulations of the US customs to ensure that your goods can pass through the customs smoothly and enter the Amazon warehouse.


Shipping to Amazon FBA

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