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What factors affect the shipping price to US Amazon FBA?

1. Shipping season

Generally, the shipping price to US Amazon FBA will be lower in the off-season, and higher in the peak season. During the peak season, there will generally be congestion in ports and terminals, and the price will increase.

Picking up and returning cabinets is also slower than usual, and there may be additional costs, such as overdue return fees, waiting fees for warehouse explosions and warehouse discharges during peak seasons, etc. These fees will be added to the Amazon FBA sea shipping cost.

shipping price to US Amazon FBA

2. Seat price of the shipping company

The shipping price to US Amazon FBA is mainly affected by the price of the shipping space of the shipping company, and the price of the shipping space is changed by the supply and demand of the US shipping capacity. Basically, the price of the cabin is different every week.

3. International fuel prices

When oil prices rise in 2022, the cost of trucking in the United States will also increase, and express delivery such as UPS will also increase in price. The shipping price to US Amazon FBA will also increase accordingly.

4. Labor shortage

Insufficient manpower in American docks, trailers, and logistics practitioners will also lead to an increase in logistics costs. The very high FBA shipping prices in 2021 are also partly caused by the lack of manpower and the inefficiency of docks and trailers.

5. Other force majeure factors

The most typical impact of the epidemic reforming the world economic structure, The shipping price to US Amazon FBA have also reached a record high.

shipping price to US Amazon FBA

The components of shipping price to US Amazon FBA

There are many costs involved in FBA sea freight, including domestic, customs, shipping companies, and the end of the United States.

1. Pick up freight cost

1) Pulling the goods from the Chinese factory to the warehouse of the freight forwarding company will also incur logistics costs, and door-to-door delivery will also be included in the FBA shipping cost.

2) Warehouse part: warehousing fee, label change/labeling fee, warehouse rent, cargo transfer fee, loading labor fee (if the customer needs it)

2. China Customs

Towing fee, customs declaration fee, commodity inspection fee, fumigation fee, order modification fee (if necessary)

3. Sea transportation by shipping company

Shipping space fee, cabinet rental

4. US tail end charges

CPC\FDA\EPA and other certification declaration fees, customs clearance fees, tariffs, shipping fees, overseas warehouse labeling fees, delivery fees (end truck delivery costs or express delivery costs)

shipping price to US Amazon FBA
shipping price to US Amazon FBA

5. Other special charges

Special expenses incurred by accidents are reimbursed, such as self-tax inspection fees, overtime return fees, overtime replenishment fees, and deduction fees

If you choose the tax-included mode, most of the costs are included in the shipping price to US Amazon FBA, which can save worry and effort. For example, the inspection fee is included (the inspection fee refers to the cost of ordinary import inspections in the United States, and the inspection results are finally released by the customs without detaining/returning the goods, etc.).

If there are special requirements or emergencies, the expenses incurred will be calculated separately. For example, if you choose the tax-included mode and need to declare tax refund separately, you need to charge an additional customs declaration fee. Notify after delivery, if you intercept the deduction, there will be a deduction fee. The channel and address are changed after delivery.

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