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Air shipping price from China to the US

If you want to know the specific price of air freight from China to USA , you need to clarify the departure airport, destination airport, name of the goods, volume, weight, whether it is dangerous goods and other information.

The air shipping price from China to the US is usually divided into five grades: 45KGS, 100KGS, 300KGS, 500KGS, 1000KGS. The price of each grade is different, and of course the prices of different airlines are also different.

Departure Airport: China’s cargo airports such as Shenzhen Bao’an Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, etc.

Destination airports: JFK International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Seattle International Airport.

shipping price from China to the US

How much is the air shipping price from China to the US ?

In addition to the air freight, the air freight price from China to the United States has additional fees, such as security inspection fees, airport operation fees, air master bills, fuel surcharges, declaration surcharges, and dangerous goods handling fees.

The freight bill fee is also known as the air freight order cost, the centralized cargo service fee, the freight order cost, the freight order cost, the destination station storage fee and so on.

Sea shipping price from China to the US

Calculation method of LCL by sea:

Actual weight = physical weight of the goods after weighing

Cargo volume = cargo length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 1000000

Weight standard: billed according to volume (ie: length * width * height to obtain volume and then converted into CBM), single ticket less than 2CBM billed according to 2CBM; actual weight billed according to 1CBM=363KG volume.

Price of sea freight from China to USA generally fluctuate between 10-16 yuan per kilogram.

shipping price from China to the US

Calculation method of shipping FCL:

The price of the whole cabinet will be relatively transparent. FCL container specifications are divided into:

The volume of 20GP (commonly known as 20-foot container) is: 5.69M * 2.13M * 2.18M, the loading volume is about 26m³. The loading gross weight is about 17.5T

The volume of 40GP (commonly known as 40-foot container) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading volume is about 54m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T

The volume of 40HQ (commonly known as 40 high cabinet) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading capacity is about 68m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T

The volume of 45HQ (commonly known as 45 high cabinet) is: 13.58M * 2.34M * 2.71M, the loading volume is about 86m³, and the loading gross weight is about 29T

Then the commonly used container is 45HQ

Take Shenzhen to Los Angeles as an example
Shipping company: Evergreen, Maersk
Departure Port: Shenzhen Yantian Port Yantian Port
Destination Port: Port of Los Angeles, USA
Destination: Zip Code: 92551, Warehouse Code: ONT8, Region: West America, Address 24300 Nandina Ave Moreno Valley
Shipping products: general cargo
Cargo operation: palletizing
Handling process: container reservation – handling of products that need to be carried (do a good job of preventing dust, moisture, and damage)
Customs declaration – sailing – arrival at port – customs clearance – delivery – receipt, price: ¥27500

shipping price from China to the US

How to Save shipping price from China to the US

1. Packaging

Most of them are billed by actual weight and volumetric weight, and the cost of volumetric weight is generally higher, so your package packaging is very important.
It is suggested that it is best to grasp every bit of packaging space of the package, and do not have too much protruding places, which will also occupy the volume.

Try not to put some unnecessary things in the package to avoid adding too much weight,which will lead to higher shipping price from China to the US .

2. The choice of logistics

As mentioned above, the cost of international express delivery is very expensive, so everyone has to choose a cheaper logistics channel, such as dedicated line logistics.

3. The choice of freight forwarding

Choosing a suitable transportation method according to your own goods can really save shipping price from China to the US , not to say that cheap is the best.

Finally, everyone should cooperate with a reliable China freight forwarder. Some freight forwarders can get a very low discount price, which can help you better save the shipping price from China to the US , and the timeliness is more guaranteed.

Saving shipping price from China to the US is not just to find a cheap way, but also to find a suitable logistics method and a reliable freight forwarding company, as well as to spend more time on packaging and grasp it in many aspects.

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