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Shipping from Shenzhen to USA is cheap and fast, when choosing a shipping method, you will find many factors to consider, such as the weight and quantity of the package, whether you need to use air or sea, express or Door to Door.

DDP Shipping from Shenzhen to USA

DDP shipping is an alternative to traditional shipping methods. It’s fast and cheap, and it cuts out the middleman, saving consumers time and money.

DDP is an expedited shipping service that helps you reduce lead times. Air, Ocean, and Express all take longer to ship than DDP, but can help extend the total time it takes to ship a package.
Shipping costs from China to the United States are very affordable compared to other shipping methods such as air, sea or express.

Choosing the method of shipping from Shenzhen to USA depends on the following points:

An important factor is whether you use containers or LCL, air freight is the less time-consuming method. Another factor is which freight forwarder you use to ship your shipment. The last factor is how long it takes your shipment to ship from China to the US, which can vary depending on where your shipment is going from China.

Express delivery

Express shipping from Shenzhen to USA is the fastest way. But the price is very expensive.FedEx is the first choice , because it provides IP and IE services to meet different needs and does a good job of time control.

shipping from Shenzhen to USA

DHL is the cheaper player in the market. But time control is not as good as FedEx. There are sometimes delays and deliveries are later than expected. But if you don’t mind waiting an extra 2-3 days, you’ll get the benefit of cheaper shipping.

Air freight

Air freight from China to USA is ideal for shipping relatively high value and urgent but not necessarily large shipments. With Air Freight from China, you will get door-to-door delivery at competitive prices and in less time than other shipping methods.

Air shipping from Shenzhen to USA is generally more expensive than ocean shipping , but offers many benefits that the other two methods cannot provide. Air freight is safer, faster and more convenient than other modes of transportation. Air freight’s greater flexibility in arranging deliveries and a manageable cargo flow are two benefits that cannot be overlooked.

When to book the air shipping from Shenzhen to USA?

Usually, you need to book 10-15 days in advance to ensure delivery within your desired time slot. Also, booking early will save you more time comparing different airlines so you can make a better choice.

The actual process of air shipping from Shenzhen to USA

Your Chinese supplier needs to send the goods from their factory to the warehouse of the flying agent (0.5 days).

Air freight forwarder arrange cargo loading and customs declaration in China (1-2 days)

Flights from China to the US (2-3 days)

US customs clearance (1-2 days). Inland shipping to your warehouse (2-3 days).

shipping from Shenzhen to USA

The above time is only an estimate and is for reference only. Times may vary depending on circumstances. For example, if customs declarations in China are delayed, it may result in the suspension of flight schedules, affecting the overall delivery time.

Sea freight

Ocean freight from China to US is cheaper but slower, and ocean routes have greater cargo capacity than air freight.

Times of sea shipping from Shenzhen to USA are affected by a number of factors. One of them is the fairway. The other is sea freight from China to the United States.

A fairway is the route taken by ships to transport goods from one place to another, either by sea or by air.China to U.S. sea freight refers to the cost of shipping goods between Chinese ports and U.S. ports.

Shipping time from China to the U.S. is a critical factor for any business, as it affects how long their product stays on the shelf before it gets returned in a sold-out or worse case.

Time of shipping from Shenzhen to USA is about 15 to 42 days.

shipping from Shenzhen to USA

What you need to know before choosing shipping

1. Confirm shipping with 2 to 3 agents in the US. Ask them to break down their quotes by shipping/US customs clearance/inland shipping, etc.

2. Also ask your Chinese supplier to check China shipping for you so that you can compare prices and haggle with US agents if necessary.

3. Shipping terms will affect the supplier’s quotation. If your Chinese supplier gives you the FOB price, he needs to pay for the local transportation, customs declaration, shipping company local fees, etc. in China.

4. Find the best option and make a shipment reservation (recommended 15 days in advance from your desired shipment date).

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