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Shenzhen is one of the largest export cities in China, how to shipping from Shenzhen China to USA ?
You can shipping from Shenzhen China to USA in several ways. The method you choose depends on several factors, such as shipping costs and the size of your shipment.

Ways to shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

Sea freight

shipping from Shenzhen China to USA generally takes about 20-40 days to clear customs to customers. Shipping from China to USA by sea is mainly divided into the following two types: FCL shipping and LCL shipping.

The shipping company is responsible for transporting the container from the port of departure to the shipping destination terminal, and then according to the instructions of the booking power of attorney, all shipping. FCLs are loaded into containers by stevedores and then transported by car to their destination.

shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

Air transport

Importers mainly use air freight when shipping from Shenzhen China to USA under certain special types of goods. This includes if the shipment is not a bulky or sensitive shipment or an urgent item. The reason for this is that the cost of using air freight is expensive compared to other means.

However, shipping from Shenzhen China to USA by air freight can guarantee your goods arrive faster. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on your destination.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot ship everything by air. Some goods are either banned or restricted. The time limit for air freight to the United States is 7-9 days, and it can be shipped to the door or to the airport by air.

Express delivery

Shipping from Shenzhen China to USA using international express, also known as express freight, is usually more reliable and faster than air and sea freight.
It generally only takes 3-5 days to shipping from Shenzhen China to USA by express.

shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

Cost of shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

Express delivery

The express delivery is the fastest, and of course the freight is the most expensive. In normal shipping seasons, express shipping costs are generally around $8/kg. Of course, during peak shipping seasons or for sensitive cargo, the cost is higher, usually around $10/kg or more.

Air transport

When your cargo reaches more than 500kg and it is very urgent, the all-inclusive air freight price is around $7-8/kg. The chargeable weight for air freight is also calculated by actual weight or volume, similar to express delivery.

But air freight has its own formula for calculating volumetric weight, namely: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)/6000, which is slightly different from express delivery.

Sea freight

The shipping price is divided into LCL and FCL.
Goods shipped by sea are packed in containers. There are two types, LCL and FLC.

If your shipment is small and the volume is less than 15 CBM, the freight forwarder will help you to transport your shipment by LCL. This means that you have to share a container with other importers because your cargo load is smaller than the container size.

LCL calculates shipping costs in CBM (cubic meters). For example, if your product is 12 CBM, then shipping = price per CBM * 12 CBM.

FCL means that your cargo is sufficient to fill one or more containers. In this case, the freight is calculated by the quantity of the whole container. For example, your goods can be loaded in 2 containers, then freight = price of a full box * 2. Generally cheaper than LCL.

shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

Factors affecting cost of shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

1. Weight and size

The dimensional weight of a package affects its shipping cost. The larger and heavier the package, the higher the shipping cost. There are a number of ways retailers can save on shipping, even with heavier items in stock.

For example, smart packaging and branding can significantly reduce costs. A perfectly fitting packaging material is not only cost-effective, but also keeps the product safe.

2. Market situation

Shipping from Shenzhen China to USA is also divided into off-season and peak season. If it is off-season, due to the small quantity of goods, the shipping company will give some discounts on international sea freight in order to attract customer.

And if the number of goods accepted by the shipping company is relatively large during the peak season, the natural quotation will rise.

3. Distance

Distance is probably the most important factor affecting a retailer’s costs of shipping from Shenzhen China to USA . The farther the origin is from the destination, the more expensive it is to ship the package.

There are several shipping areas in the US to be aware of. For companies that ship globally, reducing shipping costs can mean establishing shipping locations in various important regions.

4. Tariffs and customs

The minimum duty value affects retailers who transact with international customers. Costs may vary by region and should be taken into account when calculating total delivery price.

shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

Factors affecting time shipping from Shenzhen China to USA

1. Objective factors

Actual distance between ports. If it is transported from Shenzhen and Shanghai to the port in the west of the United States and the port in the east of the United States, there must be a gap.

2. Holiday delays

During international transshipment, if there are holidays in some countries, the customs department will have holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., then the package cannot be cleared through customs, and the time limit will naturally be affected.

3. The nature of the port of destination

If the container terminal of the port is a public terminal, as long as the peak season arrives, the port will be congested, which will seriously affect the speed of unloading ships, thereby affecting the entire timeliness. If it is an independent terminal, even if the peak season comes, it will not be affected, and the speed of unloading will be much faster than that of a public terminal.

4. Force Majeure

The reasons we mentioned earlier may be avoided as much as possible, but if we encounter natural disasters in the process of shipping by sea, or due to factors such as weather and natural disasters, such as heavy snow, heavy fog, heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms .

Due to bad weather, the flight cannot be flown normally. Natural disasters such as mudslides, typhoons and other factors have led to the suspension of flights.

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