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How to shipping from Qingdao to USA?

Importers who manufacture products in China and sell in the U.S. can choose from a variety of shipping methods, including express, air, and ocean.

Qingdao to the United States express (DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.)
Qingdao to the United States by air
and sea freight from Qingdao to the United States

Regardless of the method used, most importers will rely on China freight forwarders to manage their shipments. This is because a reputable freight forwarder like Xiongda International Logistics can help them with their complex logistical needs, and at the same time, they can save a lot of money due to the large number of shipping agreements they have with major airlines and freighters serving China.

How long does it take to shipping from Qingdao to USA?

Usually, it takes 5-40 days to shipping from Qingdao to USA, depending on the selected shipping method and the final destination of the goods in the United States. Express is the fastest option and takes 1-5 days. It takes 3-12 days for air freight and more than 15-40 days for sea freight.

shipping from Qingdao to USA

As a general rule of thumb, here are the typical days it takes to ship a shipment from China to the U.S. via various shipping methods.
1-5 days – via China Air Express
2-15 days – by air from China
15+ days – by sea from China to West Coast
25+ days – by sea from China to East Coast

Air freight time

It may take 3-12 days for shipping from Qingdao to USA by Express, while it may take up to two weeks for air-shipping. To learn more, check out our detailed articles on Express Shipping from China to the U.S. and Air Shipping from China to the U.S.

Sea freight time

Usually, it takes about 15 days for shipping from Qingdao to USA by sea, and more than 25 days to the East Coast America.

How to find a freight forwarder shipping from Qingdao to USA?

No matter which freight forwarder you choose, most of them offer pretty much the same service.
Enterprise scale: understand the responsibilities of all parties in shipping from Qingdao to USA. Learn about the role of a freight forwarder when delivering goods from Qingdao. Knowing what you can’t do will help simplify the shipping process. You can get this information by reading blogs and websites related to freight forwarders.

shipping from Qingdao to USA

service team

A perfect service team can provide all kinds of perfect and professional logistics services. From the perspective of the freight forwarding industry, the company has at least six basic teams of customer service, business, documentary, operation, warehouse management, and package collection.

Some companies also have other service teams, such as Xiongda Logistics’ operation team, IT team, order making/posting team, etc.

Service capabilities

Knowing how a freight forwarder handles their business is an important factor in getting a freight forwarder in Qingdao.
We need to judge from the service ability of each logistics service team, such as the answering efficiency of the customer service team, service attitude, processing efficiency, logistics problem solving ability, etc.

Internet word of mouth

In the Internet era, everyone can express their own voice on the Internet, so we can find the company’s recent evaluation from the Internet, so as to provide a basis for our own choice of freight forwarding company.

Check Cargo Insurance

Finally, there may be risks when shipping your shipments that could result in damage to or loss of your shipments.
Cargo insurance helps protect you from loss. Therefore, it is important to check with the freight forwarder if they offer cargo insurance.

shipping from Qingdao to USA

Shipping from Qingdao to USA by air calculation formula

The formula for calculating the freight from China to the United States by air = chargeable weight * unit price of air freight = kg * RMB/kg = pound * US dollar / pound.

The air freight chargeable weight depends on the volume weight and the actual gross weight of the cargo. The two weights correspond to the heavier one, and the airline will use that data to charge the air freight charge.

Air freight volume weight calculation formula: 1 cubic meter = 167 kg; or each package (length * width * height) / 6000 = chargeable weight (in kg)

Shipping from Qingdao to USA by sea calculation formula

The calculation formula is to add up all the above charges, which is the total freight from door to door.
As the consignee, no matter whether the trade terms are FOB, EXW, or CIF, all the costs of shipping from China to the United States are ultimately borne by yourself.

Most factories sell products to the consignee in the United States under the terms of FOB China. The logistics costs incurred in China are paid by them. In fact, it seems that the seller does not support the cost, which is already included in the value of the goods.

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