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Guangzhou is one of the largest export cities in China, how to shipping from Guangzhou to USA ? This article will give you a detailed introduction.

You can shipping from Guangzhou to USA in several ways. The method you choose depends on several factors, such as shipping costs and the size of your shipment.

The methods of shipping from Guangzhou to USA 

Sea freight

Sea freight is one of the many ways to ship products from Guangzhou. Many importers prefer this model, especially when they ship bulk goods from Guangzhou. Let’s take a look at the details of shipping from Guangzhou by sea.

Maybe you need to know that if you choose this mode, your goods will be dispatched from Guangzhou Port.

The time of shipping from Guangzhou to USA is generally about 12 to 18 days from the start of the ship to the US West Basic Port (Los Angeles Port, Long Beach Port), and then it takes about 3 to 7 days to clear customs, and it takes 2 to 3 days to pick up the container and dismantle the container. sky.

The delivery will be delivered to the door in 3 to 12 days according to the distance between the US receiving address and the overseas warehouse, and the overall aging time is about 20 to 45 days.

shipping from Guangzhou to USA

Air freight

Importers mainly use air freight when shipping from Guangzhou to USA under certain types of goods. This includes urgency if the shipment is not a bulky or sensitive shipment. The reason for this is that the cost of using air freight is expensive compared to other means. However, air freight from Guangzhou can guarantee your shipment will arrive faster.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot ship everything by air. Some goods are either banned or restricted.

The time for shipping from Guangzhou to USA by air freight is 7-9 days, and it can be shipped to the door or to the airport by air.

Express delivery

Shipping from Guangzhou to the United States using international express, also known as express freight, is usually more reliable and faster than air and sea freight.
It usually only takes 3-5 days to ship from Guangzhou to the United States by express.

The cost of shipping from Guangzhou to USA 

Similarly, different shipping will have different charging standards.

Express delivery

The express delivery is the fastest, and of course the freight is the most expensive. In normal shipping seasons, express shipping costs are generally around $8/kg. Of course, during peak shipping seasons or for sensitive cargo, the cost is higher, shipping from Guangzhou to USA usually cost around $10/kg or more.

Air freight

When your cargo reaches more than 500kg and it is very urgent, the all-inclusive air freight price is around $7-8/kg. The chargeable weight for air freight is also calculated by actual weight or volume, similar to express delivery.

But air freight has its own formula for calculating volumetric weight, namely: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)/6000, which is slightly different from express delivery.

shipping from Guangzhou to USA

Sea freight

The shipping price is divided into LCL and FCL.

Goods shipped by sea are packed in containers. There are two types, LCL and FLC.

If your shipment is small and the volume is less than 15 CBM, the freight forwarder will help you shipping from Guangzhou to USA by LCL. This means that you have to share a container with other importers because your cargo load is smaller than the container size.

LCL calculates shipping costs in CBM (cubic meters). For example, if your product is 12 CBM, then shipping = price per CBM * 12 CBM.

FCL means that your cargo is sufficient to fill one or more containers. In this case, the freight is calculated by the quantity of the whole container. For example, your goods can be loaded in 2 containers, then freight = price of a full box * 2. Generally cheaper than LCL.

Factors affecting cost of shipping from Guangzhou to USA

1. Product weight and type

Like domestic express, international express determines basic shipping information by product weight and volume. Therefore, the value of product weight will directly affect the change of international express freight. And different surcharges.

There may be different surcharges in international express shipping, which will also affect the shipping cost of international express.

For example, if you mail mobile phones, laptops and other items to foreign countries, international express companies will charge extra for communication and photography. Well-known brand products, such as Chanel, Nike, Dior and other brands, will be subject to a surcharge when mailed abroad.

Suggestion: If the cargo is large in size and light in actual weight, you can choose international EMS. Because the international EMS express does not count the throw (does not count the volume weight), only the freight is charged according to the actual weight. You can use this advantage to reduce costs of shipping from Guangzhou to USA .

shipping from Guangzhou to USA
shipping from Guangzhou to USA

2. The quotation of the freight forwarding company

Of course, the level of international shipping costs and the freight forwarding company also have a certain impact. Many importers and exporters have the impression of freight forwarding companies to help them handle related business. In fact, if they choose a relatively large freight forwarding company, they may still enjoy some discounts on freight.

Because the business volume between the Guangzhou freight forwarder company and the target shipping company chosen by some cargo owners is relatively large, and the relationship between the freight forwarding company and the shipping company is relatively good, the shipping company may give a certain discount.

In this way, you can ensure that you can enjoy the most efficient service at the least cost.

shipping from Guangzhou to USA

Factors affecting time of shipping from Guangzhou to USA 

1. Objective factors

Actual distance between ports. If it is transported from Ningbo and Shanghai to the west port of the United States and the port of the east of the United States, there must be a gap.

2. Number of ports of call

Generally speaking, the fewer port points a container route calls on on the way, the faster the time limit for reaching the destination port will be.

3. The nature of the port of destination

If the container terminal of the port is a public terminal, as long as the peak season arrives, the port will be congested, which will seriously affect the speed of unloading ships, thereby affecting the entire timeliness. If it is an independent terminal, even if the peak season comes, it will not be affected, and the speed of unloading will be much faster than that of a public terminal.

4. Force Majeure

The reasons we mentioned above may be avoided as much as possible, but if we encounter natural disasters in the process of shipping from Guangzhou to USA by sea, then we cannot avoid this objective factor.

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