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Shipping from China to USA by sea is the main mode of transportation for global import and export business. Low prices, high volume, FCL or LCL options, all these advantages make ocean freight the first choice for most international trades.

LCL Shipping from China to USA

For smaller shipments, you can send ocean freight as LCL. In this case, your freight forwarder will consolidate it with the other shipper’s cargo and hire a carrier to transport it from China to the US in containers.

FCL Shipping from China to USA

If you ship enough quantity to fill a container, Full Container Load (FCL) freight service will save you money compared to LCL shipping. FCL means that your cargo will occupy the container alone. Additionally, you should be able to ship your shipments from China to the US faster without LCL.

Find a freight forwarder

The third most popular option for shipping from China to USA by sea is to use a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is an intermediary that handles all shipping logistics on your behalf.
Freight forwarders will use sea or air freight and have the expertise to prepare the necessary documents for shipping. They can also access the shipping network and learn about the best shipping routes from China to USA.

This can speed up the process and make it easier for small businesses to receive shipments from China.Additionally, door-to-door shipping from China to USA by sea is possible with Freight Services, which means you can have your goods delivered to your address.


Alibaba shipping costs to USA


Simplified process of shipping from China to USA by sea

  • The first part of the process is to transfer the goods from the supplier to the freight forwarder’s location.
  • The next part will be customs clearance. This is required for each port depending on the country where the supplier is located (in this case, China).
  • Customs clearance will be handled by a licensed broker.
  • The next step will be to handle and load other cargo in preparation for the actual shipping.
  • The freight forwarder will then select the shipping methods, which will handle the actual shipping from one port to another. They usually do this according to the schedule required to deliver the goods.
  • Once the cargo arrives at a U.S. port, it must go through import clearance.
  • Finally, the cargo must be unloaded from the ship, separated from other cargo, and prepared so that the consignee can then pick it up.


shipping from China to USA by sea


Trade terms for shipping from China to USA by sea

Free Shipping on Board (FOB) – This term is used to indicate when title passes from buyer to seller.

Cost and Freight Shipping CFR Shipping – This term is used to indicate that the seller needs to pay for all costs and shipping costs required to move the goods from one location to another. When shipped in accordance with CFR, the risk of damage and loss then passes to the seller.

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) – Under CIF Shipping, the seller will arrange the entire process of the shipment by sea. The seller will also provide the documents needed to obtain the goods once the goods arrive at the U.S. port.

These are just terms you need to be familiar with. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you will be the one arranging the shipment and you will also be the one receiving the shipment.

Time for shipping from China to USA by sea

Door to door shipping from China to USA takes 30 to 40 days. Most of the time is taken up by the actual transportation of ships across the ocean.
Customs delays and bad weather can also have an impact on shipping. So if you shipping from China to USA by sea, don’t expect to receive your shipment immediately.


shipping from China to USA by sea


Cost of shipping from China to USA by sea

Calculation method of LCL by sea:

  • Actual weight = physical weight of the goods after weighing
  • Cargo volume = cargo length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 1000000
  • Weight standard: billed according to volume (ie: length * width * height to obtain volume and then converted into CBM), single ticket less than 2CBM billed according to 2CBM; actual weight billed according to 1CBM=363KG volume.

Shipping prices generally fluctuate between 10-16RMB per kilogram

Insurance of shipping from China to USA by sea

The only way you can protect yourself from all potential losses that you might incur due to damaged cargo is to purchase freight insurance. Without insurance, you cannot claim damage to the goods.
You can insure your cargo in a number of ways.

When you purchase goods via CIF Shipping, your goods are automatically insured. But you can’t assume, so it’s best to get a copy of the insurance policy.
You can also get shipping insurance through a freight forwarder. You can order insurance that covers the entire transit period.

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