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Sea freight  is another option for shipping from China to US,and one of the most common methods of international shipment.
To calculate the cost of shipping from China to US,you’ll need the following:

Certificate of origin

10-digit tariff classification number
Incoterms(International commercial terms)
Once you’re comfortable with the initial price,you’ll need to request a freight quote from a shipping logistics company.This quote will determine the cost of shipping from China to US.

You then provide the freight company with your supplier’s contact information,and they’ll handle the shipping container’s journey shipping from China to US.
For many,sea freight is the cheapest  method of shipping from China to US.How can we better reduce logistics costs?


China-USA shipping lines stop sailing


Choose the right logistics partner

Choose the right logistics partner is very important for shipping from China to US.

Countless resources claim to be logistics experts or experienced international trade professionals,but this isn’t always the case.
It’s important to choose experienced companies with proven track records.For timely shipments,goods must be finished,packed,loaded,and delivered on time.

The company handling these processes on the Chinese end must be capable of performing these tasks effectively.
In most scenarios,working with experienced companies and suppliers gives you the best possible chance of having your goods imported promptly.

Organize all Relevant Documents

The clearance process is often the leading cause of delays in shipping from China to the USA.To ensure a smooth customs clearance process,you must organize all relevant documents and paperwork.

Essential documents include the Bill of Lading,ISF(International Security Filing),Certificate of Origins,Commercial Invoice,and a Packing List.
A basic error in paperwork can lead to your goods being held upon arrival.This can cost you a lot of money.Suppliers are responsible for much of the paperwork involved,so choosing the right companies and suppliers is a critical step in the process.


shipping from China to US

Time is Crucia

At certain times of the year,importing from China is more expensive.During holiday seasons,there is a shortage of workers,leading to slower and more costly shipping.Pay attention to Chinese holidays and time your shipments around them.This can save your business a lot of time and money.

Package Efficiently

Although much of product packaging is handled by suppliers,it can be highly beneficial to intervene in the process.Efficient packaging can save you money on materials,create more space for cargo,and help protect your items from being damaged.
Reach out to your supplier and inquire whether packaging efficiency can be improved.For ocean freight,cargo space is the most important factor,so optimizing your packaging to save space should be prioritized.

Opt for FCL where Possible

Shipping a full load has several benefits.It is cheaper,faster,and less likely to cause damage to your goods.Where possible,your company should opt for FCL over LCL shipping.
It is also useful to consider the size of the container you’re shipping.40’containers are generally cheaper than smaller options,as long as they are close to capacity.


shipping from China to US


Shipping from China to US by freight forwarder 

Unless you’re an international shipping expert,hiring a freight forwarding service is advisable.A freight forwarder is a qualified and experienced person who helps you find efficient and effective solutions for transporting your goods from China to the USA.
A freight forwarder can save you an incredible amount of time dealing with paperwork and customs requirements.

As your shipping guide,your freight forward can use their contacts and knowledge to help you save money by securing the best deals and can find alternate shipping routes in the cases of inclement weather.
There are various methods you can rely on for shipments from China to the USA.Here are the most common:

Shipping from China to US by Air Freight

There are two types of air cargo:general and special.

  1. General Cargo-general cargo is made up of physical products,including everything from electronics to pharmaceuticals
  2. Special Cargo-special cargo refers to anything that requires special attention or care,including live animals,potentially dangerous chemicals,and anything that requires refrigeration or freezing to maintain freshness.

Shipping from China to US by air,you need to have an air waybill(AWB).The AWB is a written contract that outlines the conditions of the sale between the seller and buyer.The AWB will include a tracking number you can use to check the progress of the shipment.

Shipping from China to US by air ensures fast transit time,albeit at a higher cost than sea freight.You can even select express air freight for faster delivery.


shipping from China to US


Why is there sometimes a delay in shipping from China to US?

Reasons for transporting the goods

The reason for affecting the logistics timeliness is also related to the goods to be transported.If the goods themselves have problems,it will affect the transportation.For example,the goods transported are sensitive goods,dangerous goods,

Reasons for freight forwarding companies

Although the logistics industry is developing rapidly and there are many freight forwarding companies,there are all kinds of companies in this industry with uneven quality.Therefore,shippers in the selection of freight forwarding company,must
When choosing a freight forwarding company,we should learn more about the background of the freight forwarding company and the size of the freight forwarding company,so as to avoid choosing an unprofessional freight forwarding company.

Reasons for logistics operators

When we deliver the goods to the freight forwarding company,the freight forwarding company will have logistics operators to process and deliver the goods.If logistics operators because of not professional or operational mistakes will.

So or when choosing a freight forwarding company,we should choose a more professional freight forwarding company,choose a more formal company,the company has developed for a longer time,this will be relatively more professional.


shipping from China to US

Reasons for the shipping company

The improper operation of the cargo ship company will also cause delays in transportation,which will affect the entire cargo ship so that the timeliness of transportation will be affected.

Causes of natural disasters

Natural disasters are the most difficult to avoid in the transportation process,although there is such a thing as a weather forecast,the weather is unpredictable.

Sometimes the weather forecast is inaccurate.In case of bad conditions in transit .Snowstorms,storms,mudslides,and other conditions are also inevitable.

Customs reasons

Sometimes the customs will be quite strict,if the customs check your goods,the goods themselves can be passed smoothly,if there is a problem with the goods,they may be detained.

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