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With the rapid development of Sino-US trade, the international logistics industry is also developing simultaneously. What are the shipping methods for shipping from China to United States ?

Methods of shipping from China to United States

Express delivery

Express is the fastest and most reliable way to shipping from China to United States , and the best express carriers are UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL.
With express shipping, you can receive your package within 5 days. But the speed and reliability of express delivery comes at a huge cost.

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most important way of transporting goods, and low cost is one of its main features.

There are many dedicated routes of shipping from China to United States , such as the East-American route, the West-American route, and the U.S.-China route. These routes are common shipping routes.

shipping from China to United States

U.S. East Line and U.S. West Line

From the perspective of ports in the United States, it is firstly divided into two routes, the east and west, from the east of the United States mainly to New York and Savannah, and can pass through the Panama Canal on the way.

The departure point from the US West Port is often Seattle and Long Beach, and sometimes it will depart from Oakland, or Los Angeles, which depends on the actual route.

US-China route

The US-China route is also an important shipping route. In most cases, the US-China part can also be counted as the scope of the US-East route. Strictly speaking, it is still the US-China route. Houston and Miami are both U.S. and Chinese ports that frequent ships, passing through the Panama Canal on the way and entering the Gulf of Mexico

China Shipping to U.S. Ports
You may know some of the ports for shipping from China to United States . They are all in relatively prosperous coastal cities, such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hong Kong, and Ningbo.

Air transport

For shipments weighing between 400 lbs and 1200 lbs, air freight is the most economical option for shipping from China to United States . At 30-40% cheaper than express shipping, you get the best of both worlds, fast shipping and lower prices.

shipping from China to United States

The air freight process is as follows:

1. Stocking: Provide cargo information, such as product name, number of pieces, weight, box size, destination and destination consignee’s name, address, telephone, delivery time, consignor’s name, telephone, address, etc.

2. Reservation space: The air freight export agency will print out the total waybill number, number of pieces, weight and volume according to the flight and date according to the designated pre-allocation plan, and book the cabin with the airline.

3. Warehousing: Check the difference between the actual number, weight and volume of the goods and the predicted quantity on the consignment book. Effective use and reasonable matching of booking space and crates shall be carried out according to the aircraft type, crate model, height and quantity.

4. Export declaration: express declaration, general trade declaration, namely tax rebate declaration, ATA declaration, etc.

5. Customs declaration and release: the freight bill needs to be signed by the airline after the customs release seal is stamped.

6. Flights: For the goods that need to be transferred on a connecting flight, after the goods are shipped out, the airline is required to provide the transfer information of the second and third flights to confirm the transfer situation. Feedback the above information to the guest room in time, so that any abnormal situation can be dealt with in time.

7. Notice of arrival of goods: After the goods arrive at the designated port, the air export agency will notify the customer.

shipping from China to United States

How long does it take shipping from China to United States ?

The order of time for shipping from China to United States from long to short is: sea-air-express.
Express – 1-5 days
Air Freight – 5-12 days
Sea Freight to West Coast – 15+ Days
Sea Freight to East Coast – 30+ Days

The table below lists the average transit times for express delivery to the United States, depending on the carrier.
EMS – 3-16 days
DHL – 1-4 days
FedEx – 1-5 days
UPS – 1-5 days
However, the specific transportation time depends on the actual situation, because there are many uncertain factors.

shipping from China to United States
shipping from China to United States

Cost of shipping from China to United States 

The costs of shipping from China to United States depend on the shipping method, the weight and dimensions of the package, and how fast you need to deliver the shipment.
Prices have risen significantly due to the pandemic, but you can refer to the table below for approximate prices and expectations.

Express – $8-10/kg per pound
Air Freight – USD 6-8/kg per pound
Ocean Freight – $5000-$10000 per container

During the height of the pandemic, container costs rose to as much as $20,000 per container. However, ocean freight rates are expected to stabilize at normal levels by mid-2022.

Whether you need to ship high-volume shipments from China to the U.S. or small-volume shipments, hiring a freight forwarder is highly recommended.A good freight forwarder will guide you through your first shipment to avoid common pitfalls and find you the cheapest way to shipping from China to United States .

There are also many forms to be signed for importing from China, and a good freight forwarder will help you understand everything about freight. You should also understand the packaging and labelling requirements for your products so they can pass through customs in your country.

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