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Los Angeles, located in southwestern California, is the second largest city in the United States and the largest city in the western United States.

Ways to shipping from China to Los Angeles

Sea freight

Sea shipping from China to Los Angeles is the main means of transportation for our global economic development.

What are the advantages of sea shipping?

Advantages of shipping from China to Los Angeles
Natural waterway: Shipping is not limited by roads and tracks, has strong traffic capacity, and can adjust and change routes at any time according to the situation to achieve transportation tasks.

Large volume of transportation: The carrying capacity of seaborne ships can reach hundreds of thousands of tons, and the Knock Nevis, the ship with the highest load in the world, reached 564,763 tons.

Low freight: The shipping uses naturally formed waterways, and the port built by the government has low ship usage; the ship has a large transportation volume, a long use time, and a long transportation mileage, so the calculated freight is relatively low.

shipping from China to Los Angeles

Air transport

Shipping from China to Los Angeles by air freight is also a good option.

Low damage rate and good ground safety
Due to the relatively high price of air cargo, the operation process is stricter than other modes of transportation. Damage is greatly reduced. After the cargo is loaded on the plane, it is very difficult to cause damage to the air cargo, the cargo damage rate is low, and the entire cargo transportation safety is good.

Fast delivery
Since the means of transport used in air cargo is aircraft, this feature is suitable for the needs of some special cargo, such as fresh and perishable goods such as seafood and live animals. Due to the nature of the cargo, this type of cargo has particularly high time requirements and can only be shipping from China to Los Angeles by air.

Large space span
In a limited time, the space span of the aircraft is the largest. Typically, some wide-body aircraft can fly about 7,000 kilometers at a time. Flying across the ocean, from China to the West Coast of the United States is no problem. It only takes about 13 hours. This is a very big advantage for the transport of certain goods.

shipping from China to Los Angeles

(All rates of shipping from China to Los Angeles listed in the article are regular pre-pandemic prices. Prices change very frequently)

Cost of shipping from China to Los Angeles 

Air freight cost

If you are a newbie, you can keep the above rates of shipping from China to Los Angeles in mind and ask your Chinese supplier or freight forwarder for help. However, you can carry out the shipping process yourself, then the next one will surely interest you.

First of all, the chargeable weight for air freight is also calculated by actual weight or volume, similar to express delivery. But air freight has its own formula for calculating volumetric weight, namely: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)/6000, which is slightly different from express delivery.

This means that your Chinese supplier is responsible for shipping costs from Chinese factories to Chinese airports and Chinese export costs, while you are responsible for:
Costs from Chinese airports to US airports.

The cost of getting from a US airport to your door.

Therefore, according to FOB, transportation cost (FOB) = air freight cost from China airport to US airport + US customs clearance cost + US local logistics cost.

For the exact cost of U.S. customs clearance and U.S. local logistics, you’d better consult your local freight forwarder. In addition, the cost of cargo type and destination airport can vary widely.

shipping from China to Los Angeles

Sea shipping cost

Shipping from China to USA by sea are packed in containers. There are two types, LCL and FLC.

If your shipment is small and the volume is less than 15 CBM, the shipping agent China will help you to transport your shipment by LCL. This means that you have to share a container with other importers because your cargo load is smaller than the container size.

LCL calculates shipping costs in CBM (cubic meters). For example, if your product is 12 CBM, then shipping = price per CBM * 12 CBM.

FCL means that your cargo is sufficient to fill one or more containers. In this case, the freight is calculated by the quantity of the whole container. For example, your goods can be loaded in 2 containers, then freight = price of a full box * 2. Generally cheaper than LCL.

shipping from China to Los Angeles

What is the best way to shipping from China to Los Angeles ?

While this is a good question, there is no universal “best way” to ship from China. You should carefully consider the following variables:

Product and load – what is being transported and how big is it?

Destination – to a small office or a warehouse?

Time requirements – do you need to be in the same week, or can you wait?

This is a crucial consideration, especially during Chinese holidays.

Product and load: Some goods, such as aerosol cans and strong magnets, are difficult to shipping from China to Los Angeles by air. Other products, such as lithium-ion batteries, can be shipped by air, but suppliers often struggle to provide the required documentation and can only be shipped by dedicated aircraft.

Destination: Most reputable Chinese 3PLs offer end-to-end shipping services capable of delivering goods to warehouses, small commercial buildings, and residential areas.
Time Requirement: If the goods are urgently needed, there is no faster way than air freight.

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