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Shipping from China to FBA

Once you’ve found a suitable supplier or manufacturer, settled on a product to order, verified production lead times and quality,and negotiated costs and payment,you can start organizing shipping and logistics.

The most cost-effective option for the Amazon FBA seller is to let a reliable freight forwarder manage the complexities of international shipping,from customs compliance documentation to paying taxes and duties.

FBA Fulfillment by Amazon

There are two primary fulfillment methods employed by Amazon marketplace sellers: FBA(fulfillment by Amazon)and FBM(fulfillment by merchant).

In FBA, you ship or have your supplier ship products to Amazon FBA warehouses for storage and order fulfillment. You don’t have to worry about packaging,shipping, customer service/support, or return order processing; these services are Amazon’s responsibility.

Shipping from China to FBA
Shipping from China to FBA

Methods of shipping from China to FBA

Three primary shipping methods are available:express,air freight,and sea freight.You’ll need to determine the most appropriate shipping method for transporting your goods from China to the U.S.

Depending on the method you choose,shipping can take a couple of days to more than a month.The ideal shipping method for you depends on a few factors,such as the weight,dimensions,and quantity of your products,transit times,whether they’re perishable,and whether they contain hazardous materials.

Shipping from China to FBA by Air Freight

Air freight from China to USA fba arrives faster than sea freight.If your cargo’s gross weight is less than 200 kg(approx.440 lbs.)and two cubic meters(CM),air freight is one of the most cost-effective shipping options available.You can benefit from high-volume shipping rates by contracting a freight forwarding company to organize air freight,lowering your operating costs.

Air freight is a more complicated shipping process than air express;it will typically take between five and 10 days to transport goods from China to the U.S.following departure using this method.Air freight may be less expensive than air express shipping on a per-kilogram basis.While faster than sea freight,air freight is also subject to more restrictions.

Shipping from China to FBA
Shipping from China to FBA

Shipping from China to FBA by Sea Freight

If you’re shipping cargo weighing 400 kg or more(approx.880 lbs.)and with a volume of two cubic meters or more,sea freight is the best option.However,sea freight is also comparatively slow.Depending on the goods you need to transport,sea freight can take up to a month to arrive at a U.S.port.

The primary advantage of sea freight compared to express shipping and air freight is that it allows you to ship heavy,bulky goods cheaply and is subject to fewer restrictions.

Two of the most common shipping options used are Less Than Container Load(LCL)and Full Container Load(FCL).The most appropriate option depends on the bulk or volume of the inventory you intend to ship.

If your shipment cannot fill a full container load(FCL),LCL is generally more suitable.However,FCL makes it easier to track your cargo and is less susceptible to damage or tampering.

Shipping from China to FBA
Shipping from China to FBA

Shipping from China to FBA by Express Shipping

Air express is the fastest shipping option available when using shipping companies such as FedEx,UPS,and DHL.Express delivery can be highly cost-effective if you’re shipping cargo with a gross weight of less than 200 kg and a volume of one cubic meter or less.The courier service will usually charge you according to the weight or volume,whichever is higher.

Depending on the value of the goods you intend to import,U.S.customs may still apply;however,the process is less complicated than it is with air freight.You can also avoid requesting quotations.

Express shipping is also useful for low-quantity shipments that you may order to determine the viability of a product or its demand before placing a bulk order with your supplier.

If shipping from China to FBA you also need to pay special attention to the following:

Plan of Shipping from China to FBA

Before you establish a shipping method and order the shipment of your goods,whether to a location under your control,an intermediary,or an Amazon fulfillment center,you’ll need to create a shipping plan.

The shipping plan lays out every service you want Amazon to perform once it takes receipt of your goods,from labeling and packaging to inventory management.

Proper Packaging Considerations of Shipping from China to FBA

Whether you ship to an Amazon FC yourself or have the supplier/manufacturer ship,you’ll need to ensure the goods are properly packaged.Although Amazon will package and ship products to customers in an FBA relationship,the goods still need to arrive at an Amazon FC in good condition.

Improper packaging can cause products to become damaged or defective en route,compromising the integrity of your inventory.If this causes your defect or cancellation rate to increase,this can jeopardize vital performance metrics and your reputation as an Amazon seller.

Shipping from China to FBA
Shipping from China to FBA

Customs Clearance of Shipping from China to FBA

The United States Customs and Border Protection(CBP)conducts random searches of cargo imported into the determine legal compliance.The extent of a CBP examination is unpredictable,ranging from the use of X-rays to a physical exam by the Contraband Enforcement Team(CET).

Ideally,your freight forwarding company is also a logistics service that can help you navigate the formalities associated with importing foreign goods,including preparing the necessary documentation.

Air Waybill of Shipping from China to FBA

If you ship your goods by air,you will need an air waybill,also known as an air consignment note.

The air waybill is a document showing proof of receipt of the goods by the air carrier.Its primary purpose is to track the shipment.

Once signed by all parties,an air waybill is an enforceable contract.It’s the airborne equivalent of a bill of lading.It is generally recommended to print multiple copies of the air waybill for the sake of security.In contrast to bills of lading,air waybills are non-negotiable.

The information contained in an air waybill should include the name and address of the shipper,the name and address of the consignee,the origin country and destination country,complete with three-letter airport codes,a declared value for customs clearance,the number of items,the gross weight,and a description of the goods.

Bill of Lading of Shipping from China to FBA

If you ship your goods by sea,a bill of lading serves as proof of receipt of the shipment by the sea carrier.Like an air waybill,the bill of lading is a legal document and,once signed by all parties,is an enforceable contract between carrier and shipper.

A bill of lading effectively serves the same purpose as an air waybill but for ocean freight instead of air.It contains the same type of information,and the shipment must be accompanied by one at all times,alongside shipment labels.

Shipping from China to FBA
Shipping from China to FBA

Commercial Invoice of Shipping from China to FBA

The commercial invoice is an essential legal document in the customs process between you,the buyer,and your supplier/manufacturer.

The invoice includes essential information regarding the products you’ve ordered,such as their value,payment details,etc.The CBP will use the invoice to determine,in part,the duty that they will impose on your goods.

At last,these goods are prohibited by Shipping from China to FBA:

1.Any goods that cannot be lawfully sold and distributed in all U.S.jurisdictions;

2.Alcoholic beverages(including non-alcoholic beer);

3,kongming lantern or water lamp;

4,car tires;

Shipping From China To FBA
Shipping From China To FBA

5.Gift cards,gift certificates and other value storage tools;

6.Items with unauthorized marketing materials(such as brochures,price tags and other non-Amazon stickers)(Note:Amazon does not accept pre-determined price tags or items.);

7.Items measuring more than 144 inches x 96 inches x 96 inches or weighing more than 150 pounds;

8.Goods that need to be prepared but have not been prepared according to amazon logistics packaging and preparation requirements;

9.Batteries with loose packaging;

10.Damaged or defective goods(note:if the second-hand goods are marked in appropriate condition,it indicates that they may be damaged.);

11.Goods whose labels are not properly registered with Amazon before delivery or whose labels are inconsistent with the registered goods;

12.Products that do not comply with any agreement between Amazon and the Seller;

13.Illegally copied,photocopied or manufactured goods(Amazon reserves the right to destroy and refuse removal requests for any stock we determine to be counterfeit goods);

If you had other questions in mind,please contact us!s,and I will endeavor to respond. 

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