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The knowledge of shipping from China to California probably includes a basic understanding of cross-border logistics, the advantages and disadvantages of various logistics methods, the actual process, logistics options, requirements, and after-sales processing.

Let’s first understand the relevant knowledge of shipping from China to California.

Cross-border logistics refers to the process of transporting goods from one country to another country or region by sea, land or air, and then completing international goods transactions through local logistics and distribution.

shipping from China to California

Ways for shipping from China to California

1. International Express

International business express refers to express and logistics business between two or more countries (or regions). When the international express arrives at the destination country, it needs to be delivered in the destination country in order to deliver the express to the final destination.

2. Air transport

Air freight from China to USA refers to the cross-border transportation of goods by aircraft as a means of transportation.

3. Shipping by sea

Ocean freight from China to USA is a way of using ships to transport goods between ports in different countries and regions through sea routes, including FCL and LCL.

shipping from China to California

Time of shipping from China to California

Express delivery

The courier services for shipping from China to California are FedEx, DHL, DPD, TNT USPS, Royal Express and UPS are some of the courier companies that serve this route.
They take on average about 3 to 7 business days to ship your shipment from China to the US. While these couriers have faster delivery times, they can only deliver small packages.

Air transport

Usually, it takes 8 to 12 days to shipping from China to California if you use Air + UPS. The shipment will be processed upon arrival in the U.S.

Your agent must clear the shipment from U.S. Customs and then deliver the shipment to the UPS warehouse. From there, UPS will send the items to their final destination. These handlers will add up to the total transit time.

If you want to ship your goods faster, you can use Air Express. Shipping from China to California. only takes 6-8 business days by air; however, their shipping is much more expensive.

shipping from China to California

Sea shipping

Of course, shipping from China to California by sea or sea will take longer than air shipping. If you want faster shipping from China to the US, you can choose Ocean Shipping + UPS. It is faster than normal container shipping due to the shipping method or system.

First, fast shipping will be used to shipping from China to USA. Second, when the shipment arrives in the US, the courier will take over and deliver the shipment to the customer. The courier can be FedEx or UPS.

This method is faster than using inland container trucks to transport goods. If you use this system, you can even cut your normal shipping time by 10 days.

If you use sea freight, the actual shipping time depends on various factors. These factors include weather, customs inspections, employment delays and delivery trucks.

The approximate shipping time from China to different parts of the United States is as follows (LCL stands for “less than container load”, FCL stands for “full container load”):
Western US LCL: 25-30 business days
Western US FCL: 18 business days
US East LCL: 35-40 business days
East US FCL: 28-30 business days

shipping from China to California

Cost of shipping from China to California

Shipping charges can often be calculated based on the shipping method used by looking at the weight and/or volume of the item being shipped and the speed at which the item is being shipped.

Currently, the average shipping rates for various shipping methods range from:
Air Express from China to USA: USD 6-9 per kg
Air Freight from China to USA: USD 5 to 8 per kg
Shipping from China to US: $3000-$3900 per container

With the characteristics of each mode of transportation, you can choose the appropriate logistics solution according to your needs.For example, new products are listed, urgent shortages, and replenishment can choose international express or air;

When the two batches of products shipped by air have been put into storage, the products by sea have almost arrived.

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