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Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse can be confusing, especially if you’re new to Amazon. Even seasoned FBA sellers can get overwhelmed by Amazon FBA regulations and requirements.

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse method

Air transport

Most first-time importers choose air freight from China to USA, mainly because of its fast transit time, and it’s safe, with better protection for high value goods. All you need to do is. You can

control the quality of your shipments to ensure they are fully compliant with FBA requirements.

By sea

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse by sea is a slow shipping method, but it is also the cheapest way to ship goods. It’s a great deal for sellers with high shipping volumes.

Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about the requirements of the Amazon FBA center, including the transportation part, customs clearance, procedures, etc. What are the requirements for shipping from China to Amazon warehouse?

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse

1. The outer packaging of the product is intact and not deformed;

There are strict requirements for shipping from China to Amazon warehouse. It is best to use strong kraft cartons for product cartons shipped to Amazon warehouses, plus fixed foam reinforcement. If the outer box is damaged and deformed, it will be rejected by Amazon.

2. Label the product correctly

Including FBA labels, overweight labels, etc., the barcode on the label is clear and not easy to detach. Avoid situations where SKU codes and PO codes cannot be scanned. So as not to be rejected by the Amazon warehouse and delayed on the shelves.

3. Size and weight compliance

General FBA warehouses have clear regulations on the weight of a single box, no more than 50 pounds 22.6KG. Those over 100 pounds need to be labeled with TEAMLIFT, and those over 100 pounds need to be labeled with MECHLIFT.

4. The cabinets are tidy

When loading the entire cabinet, it should not be packed too tightly, and it will be difficult for Amazon staff to unload the goods after arriving at the warehouse. It can’t be packed too loose, and the goods are easy to collapse or damage the carton due to collision. The two rows near the door need to leave a certain amount of space above, and they are placed in a ladder shape to facilitate unloading.

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse – don’t forget to buy shipping insurance

Generally speaking, transporting your goods from China to Amazon warehouses requires the mutual cooperation of several logistics supply chains, especially for conventional cargo transportation such as air freight and sea freight. The following is the logistics transportation processing flow:

From supplier to hub

From hub to carrier

From carrier to logistics hub

From logistics hub to warehouse

From Warehouse to Amazon FBA

In the process of transportation, it is inevitable that unexpected situations will cause your goods to be damaged. When your goods are damaged, it is often difficult to obtain compensation. Considering all of your investment, shipping your cargo without China freight insurance is simply not worth the risk.

If you purchase freight insurance before shipping from China to Amazon warehouse, your goods can be 100% insured from the time they leave your supplier to the time they arrive at Amazon FBA. It’s very affordable and you don’t need to worry about it.

Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse

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