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How to choose a shipping forwarder from China to the USA?

When choosing a shipping forwarder from China to the USA, the first problem we must consider is the route. For example, if FBA does not have a dedicated channel, it is likely to be transferred during transportation and stay there for a long time, so it cannot guarantee its validity.

It only takes 11 days for the shipping forwarder from China to the USA to directly reach the USA  through special line transportation, and also ensures the time and safety of transportation. Matson, for example, and now the star Clipper, which is better to ensure the speed of transport.

What we need to see is not only FBA’s  freight logistics, but also the information of ocean shipping forwarder companies, the scale of development, and whether they have professional operation experience. It can be seen from the professional customs clearance and customs clearance that shipping forwarder with good customs clearance ability can easily solve the problems in transportation, and can quickly transport the goods to the FBA warehouse without being stuck because of customs clearance.

Nowadays, many businesses focus on the transportation and time of goods, which shows how important a special shipping forwarder company is.

freight forwarder from China to USA
freight forwarder from China to USA

The advantages of  shipping forwarder from China to the USA are as follows:

Professional us local customs clearance, with US customs clearance license, years of customs clearance experience, proficiency in customs laws and trade policies, with a good record in THE US customs and a very low inspection rate

To provide one-stop logistics service in the USA, to provide long-distance short distance, direct delivery of the whole container, direct delivery of bulk board, the USA port to the door delivery service, the price is very advantageous

Bock, the airport can arrive within 10 minutes, the USA can arrange trucks, standardized operation smooth, goods on arrival will never be canceled

The team dispatched to the USA will conduct corporate management, communicate in Chinese throughout the whole process, and connect within 24 hours without a time difference.

Common matters needing attention in customs clearance for shipping forwarder from China to the USA

Tariffs, which are usually levied by value, have risen from an average of 8% to 25% to 35% since 2019. Of course, import tariffs on most goods are still relatively low, at around 10%.

The label “MADE IN CHINA” must be attached to the products and outer packing cases, otherwise, the goods may be confiscated and destroyed when inspected by US customs.

If medical devices are shipped to the USA, FDA certification must be done before shipment to China. If they are not shipped, they may not pass the USA Customs, and the goods are easy be returned to China or destroyed by the USA Customs.

cheapest shipping from China to US
cheapest shipping from China to US

AMS declaration must be accurate and completed according to requirements.

ISF 10+2 declaration should be completed by the requirements and time.

All food and cosmetics imported into the USA must provide FDA Prior Notice and invoice list to the USA Customs. If other details are required by the USA Customs, they must be provided again, subject to the requirements of the USA Customs, and can only be transshipped after confirmation by the Customs.

All shipments into the USA with logs must be fumigated, whether packaged or palletized. If unfumigated logs are found by the United States Customs, the customer shall bear the penalty of the United States Customs and the shipping forwarder of returning the whole truck, at his own risk.

Fragile, valuable, and special goods are not acceptable for all goods entering the USA. If they are damaged or lost, they will not be compensated. (Similar to glass sheets for microscope, quite a lot of documents are required.)

All drugs or chemicals used in drugs entering the USA  must meet the import standards of Canada and the USA, and the contraband will be confiscated by customs in both countries. You also need to provide the documentation required in point 1

What is the customs clearance process for the shipping forwarder from China to USA?


  • Shipper shall provide container type, container quantity, port of destination, time of shipment, and name of goods (for US line, name of goods must be reported)
  • If the customer entrusts packing after receiving the sea freight rate, the freight company shall ask the shipper for the packing method and the factory place (the shipper shall provide the factory place)
  • shipping forwarder
    shipping forwarder

Warehouse packing (the shipping forwarder company provides the address of the warehouse to the shipper)

The shipping company asks the shipper for customs declaration documents

Or class

The freight company shall provide the information of the goods to the shipping company and confirm the price with the shipping company, book the shipping space with the shipping company, and inform the shipping company of the name, shipping date, and bill of lading number after receiving the booking space

Do box

Warehouse do boxes, negative transport company name of the ship, bill of lading number, inform the warehouse. Hire a letter of introduction to pick up the container from the container yard of the shipping company

After picking up the container, the freight company will make the container according to the factory address provided by the shipper

Customs declaration and loading

Kang loading and marketing port of customs declaration: shipping company will be loaded onto the ship after the port customs declaration


The shipping company unloaded the containers onto the wharf

shipping forwarder
shipping forwarder

Advise delivery

The shipping forwarder company informed the shipper to take delivery of the goods

Customs clearance

The consignee clears the goods at the customs.

Changing single

Is to use the original bill of lading for the bill of lading, or take the letter of guarantee and telex release number for the bill of lading,

Pick up the goods

The consignee takes delivery with the bill of lading

Shipping forwarder from China to the USA: freight calculation

The door-to-door cost of shipping from China to the United States does not only refer to “sea freight”, other costs are various in each link.

China shipping LCL to THE United States door-to-door charges

Charges that may be involved in door-to-door container shipping from China to the USA: Domestic and local charges, charges by export container shipping companies, customs, charges by American container shipping unpacking companies, customs clearance fees, and provision fees.

Domestic and local expenses in China: delivery fee, warehousing fee, packaging fee, etc. Charges of export LCL company: document fee, AMS declaration fee, LCL fee, ocean LCL freight, China Customs: export customs declaration fee, (there may be payment fee);

Charges of American Marine Decontainer Company: bill replacement fee, document fee, dock safety fee, information input fee, ISF audit fee, city suggestion fee, truck cleaning fee, floorboard fee, entry and exit fee, warehouse documentation fee, fuel surcharge, window equipment fee, chassis separation fee, dock congestion fee Entrusts the customs clearance company to declare customs clearance fees, customs duties, consumption taxes, other taxes, ISF, and purchase import bond fees. Pick-up fee: truck delivery fee, overtime waiting fee, parking fee, unloading fee, etc. Each logistics link will charge a large number of charges, and the specific and accurate charging standards need to be confirmed with the corresponding international LCL freight forwarding company.

shipping forwarder
shipping forwarder

Container shipping FCL from China to the United States door-to-door charges

The door-to-door charges for FCL from China to the United States are much less than those for LCL, and many charges are fixed by shipping companies or port companies.

Domestic and local expenses in China: towing fee, fumigation, weighing fee, transportation appraisal report fee, warehouse collection, and handling fee; Fixed charges of the shipping company at the port of departure: dock fee, document fee, AMS declaration fee, depot fee, booking fee, port miscellaneous fee, ISPS, PREconfigured warehouse receipt fee (PTF), Seal fee, handling fee, telex release fee; Export customs charges: export customs declaration, commodity inspection, etc.

Sea freight from China to the United States: container sea freight fixed charges at American ports: document fee, dock fee, change documents fee; Customs clearance fees: customs clearance fees, customs duties and taxes and commissions, BOND purchase fees, ISF 10+2 declaration fees; Pick-up charge: towing fee and any additional charges that may be incurred.

How to calculate the total cost of sea freight

Container shipping FCL and LCL transportation from China to the United States how to calculate the total cost of shipping?

The formula is to add up all the above charges and get the total door-to-door freight.

As the consignee, no matter whether the trade terms are FOB, EXW, or CIF, all the shipping costs of China to America will be borne by itself.

Most factories sell products to American consignees under the terms of FOB China, and they will pay the logistics costs incurred in China. The costs that the sellers seem unable to support have been included in the goods value.


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