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Before you undertake shipping from China to the US, you must have a good understanding of supply chain management. Hiring a shipping forwarder from China to USA who understands the steps of handling, packaging, production, shipping, storage and warehousing is a huge advantage.

Beginners face multiple setbacks and hurdles when shipping their cargo without the help of a shipping forwarder from China to USA. China and the US are the two largest markets. Therefore, the increasing influx of goods makes the business environment difficult to survive.

A shipping forwarder from China to USA is an intermediary who handles all shipping logistics on your behalf.

shipping forwarder from China to USA

The freight forwarder will use sea or air freight and has expertise in preparing the necessary documents for shipment. They can also access the shipping network and learn about the best shipping routes from China to the United States. This can speed up the process and make it easier for small businesses to receive goods from China.
In addition, door-to-door shipping from China to the United States is possible through the freight service, which means you can have the goods delivered to your address.

A reputable freight forwarder performs multiple tasks to keep your cargo moving efficiently and delivered on time. They represent importers and exporters well internationally and coordinate with various stakeholders along the supply chain.

Precautions for cooperation with shipping forwarder from China to USA

Working with a well-known freight forwarder has its advantages. They have the ability to secure great rates and preferential treatment from the major air and ocean carriers.
But popularity means big customers get preferential treatment at the expense of smaller ones during busy times. In fact, in a recent mystery shopping survey, only 35% of large freight forwarders responded to requests for quotes from small businesses.

shipping forwarder from China to USA

Are you looking for a great price?

Most shipping forwarder from China to USA will claim to provide great service, but they all know that winning new customers often comes down to price.

However, making a decision based on price alone can be deceptive. For example, some freight forwarders discount the first shipment to win sales, but make up for subsequent shipments.
Additionally, some freight forwarders hide fees in their terms and conditions to make their offers appear more attractive than those from more honest competitors.

Of course, there are also freight forwarders who are leading in price. That will almost certainly mean a reduction in service. Depending on the services they cut – for example, some freight forwarders only focus on one trade lane or only on air freight – this may not affect your business.

How to book a shipping forwarder from China to USA?

Finding the right forwarder for your shipment used to be a long and complicated process. But going digital allows you to search and compare different providers quickly and efficiently. Finding a reputable freight forwarder is also easier than ever with online reviews.

shipping forwarder from China to USA

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Xiongda is a professional shipping agent in China since 2006, and with the 16 years of development, Xiongda now has 6 branches in China.

As an entrepreneur in China, Xiognda provides hundreds of jobs to let more people have work. And also Xiognda will take some charity events to give back to the society.

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Xiongda has been staying focus on shipping from China to USA about 16 years. We will share the latest news in the shipping industry.

The latest industry news cover air and sea freight from China to USA, and FBA freight to USA. We can also provide the one stop shipping solutions, contact us if you need.

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Shipping from China is easy with freight logistics China Xiognda, because we have been doing our work for about 16 years! We will share anything about shipping from China to USA.

We have rich experience in air and sea shipping, as well as the FBA freight to USA. Feel free to contact us if you need a shipping solution.

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