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Shipping fees from China to US usually directly determine trade profits. Shipping from China to the US is a long-distance process. Only by knowing the cost components can we control costs and increase profits.

What determines the shipping fees from China to US?

There are several factors that determine freight costs, but the mode of transportation has the greatest impact.

Mode of transport

Sea, air freight from China to USA are the main transportation methods from China to the United States.
The shipping fees from China to US is only the basic shipping fee, and the US shipping is divided into two ways based on volume and weight:

  1. Calculated by volume, X1=unit basic freight (MTQ)×total volume
  2. Calculated by weight, X2=unit basic freight (TNE)×total gross weight, choose the larger one of X1 and X2.


Shipping fees from China to US


FCL: The FCL freight is divided into three parts, the total freight = the sum of the three parts.

  1. Basic shipping fee = basic shipping fee per unit × number of full boxes
  2. Port surcharge = unit port surcharge × number of full containers
  3. Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × number of full boxes

The unit price per kilogram of sea freight is generally around 1 US dollar. (shipping to door)
The price per kilogram for air freight is generally around $4-5. (shipping to door)

Freight Classification

Freight classes are a way of differentiating products for shipping. NMFTA has developed 18 classifications. Each category is determined by several criteria including ease of handling, value, weight, height, length, density and duty.

This standardized approach to classification enables shipping companies to streamline operations and create more efficient logistics systems and transit processes.


Shipping fees from China to US


Gross and volumetric weight

Freight forwarders use two metrics to calculate shipping fees from China to US: gross weight and dimensional weight.

Gross weight is the total weight of the goods plus packaging. Shipping companies can determine the dimensional weight or dimensional weight by multiplying the length, width, and height of the package together. This provides the carrier with an estimate for calculating the cargo capacity of the aircraft or container.

Dimensional weight also plays a vital role in determining less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. Some air freight companies charge by actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

Transport distance

Shipping distance affects shipping fees from China to US. The longer the distance traveled, the higher the shipping cost. Additional costs may be incurred during shipping from China to the United States, such as taxes, import duties, and fees related to inspection of goods.

Shipping time requirements

Shipping time is another influencing factor in determining shipping fees from China to US. Generally, the more urgent the shipment is to time, the higher the cost.


Shipping fees from China to US


Sea freight is generally cheaper than air freight. However, this takes longer. Shipping from China to the US takes about 18-30 days. Air freight only takes 3-7 days, depending on the delivery location.

Special treatment

Certain items, such as heavy machinery, fragile or dangerous goods, may require special handling throughout transit. This increases shipping fees from China to US.

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