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FCL “full container load” refers to a sea container that contains all products from the same party. Shipping FCL from China to USA, your product will occupy a full container.

Benefits of shipping FCL from China to USA:

Often more affordable as it is easier for shipping lines to load a full container rather than painstakingly splitting one for multiple parties.
Since the FCL containers are all unloaded in one go (and from the same party), the process at the port of destination is faster and potentially less expensive.
Ideal for bulky items and bulk cargo

LCL or “Less than Container Load” refers to a shipping container that is split between multiple sellers. If you’re concerned about storage space in your own warehouse, or just want to keep your inventory lean for financial reasons, LCL shipping allows you to ship smaller volumes – you’re effectively sharing container space.

shipping FCL from China to USA

Benefits of shipping LCL from China to USA:Best for steady inventory flow and leaner quantities

LCL shipping from China to USA gives you more leeway/free time at the port, making delivery appointments easier. This may end up saving you some money.
Best for “split shipments” – shipping products to multiple different Amazon warehouses.

Advantages of shipping FCL from China to USA

In customs clearance work, the FCL is the smallest unit of customs inspection. Therefore, the carrier of the FCL only needs to provide the corresponding document procedures to the customs in accordance with the normal procedures. As long as you meet the requirements, you can clear the customs immediately, and the customs clearance efficiency is very high.

In terms of flexibility, the FCL is much higher than the LCL, because the LCL requires the carrier to wait for an opportunity, and it may take a lot of waiting time to put all the scattered goods into one container at the same destination port. And the whole cabinet does not need to wait, it can be operated directly, which is very convenient and efficient.

Shipping FCL from China to USA packing attention

Be careful not to fill the container too full, it is easy to be rejected. The safest way is that the goods are 13-15cm away from the top of the box, 5-8cm away from the side wall, and about 13cm away from the door, so as to avoid the time cost lost after being rejected. and fee costs.

shipping FCL from China to USA

Calculation method of shipping FCL from China to USA

The FCL freight is divided into three parts, and the total freight = the sum of the three parts.

1. Basic shipping fee = basic shipping fee per unit × number of full boxes

2. Port surcharge = unit port surcharge × number of full containers

3. Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × number of full boxes

LCL costs more than FCL. The cost of the whole container mainly includes freight, surcharges and port miscellaneous charges, and the cost is fixed; for LCL, there are also costs for assembly at the port of shipment and unpacking at the port of destination.

Which is better,shipping FCL from China to USA or LCL, depends on your cargo. If the goods exceed 18 parties, it is cost-effective to choose the whole container, otherwise LCL is more advantageous. Of course, we must also consider the cost and hidden risks before making a choice. What suits you is the best.

shipping FCL from China to USA

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