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Meaning of shipping door to door from China

After the container loaded by the shipper is checked and accepted by the carrier in its warehouse or factory warehouse, the carrier is responsible for the entire transportation until the container is delivered to the consignee’s warehouse or factory warehouse.

This kind of full-line transportation is called “door-to-door” transportation. It is also called “door-to-door delivery”. This mode of transportation is commonplace today, and all kinds of transportation companies can do it, effectively saving the time of the consignee.

Sea shipping door to door from China

Sea shipping door to door from China is also very convenient for shipping from China to USA . You can hire the right freight forwarder, purchasing agent or shipping partner to make this happen.

shipping door to door from China

The benefits of shipping door to door from China

Save time

Time is money, and if you’re in business, you know this saying very well. Hiring a door-to-door shipping service will help you save the time it takes to arrange shipping to get your products from China to your address. Also, if you choose to arrange the shipping service yourself, it will take more time due to lack of expertise.


If you are not familiar with the shipping process from China, it will take a little more effort to get the product to your doorstep. It includes many methods including customs clearance, loading and unloading and many other functions. You can save your valuable time and effort if you choose shipping door to door from China .

Cut costs

Some people believe that shipping door to door from China can get expensive. But what if you’re wondering why you’re saving so much money?

Professional shipping companies understand the different processes involved in shipping door to door from China . So they can coordinate with other partners and minimize costs; this is not possible if you don’t have connections in the field.

Pressure-free customs clearance

The most significant benefit is the stress-free delivery of the product. If you hire a shipping company or freight forwarder, all the risk and task is on them until it’s delivered to your door. So you can enjoy getting your goods to your place without any stressful activities.

shipping door to door from China

Shipping door to door from China channels

1. Door to door express

DHL shipping door to door from China
DHL Parcel is one of the world’s leading shipping companies. It is a logistics company headquartered in Germany, providing customs clearance and shipping services in domestic and international areas. It is the largest logistics company in the world. DHL offers one of the fastest shipping services from China to many countries.

FedEx shipping door to door from China
FedEx is another giant that provides express logistics services to more than 220 countries. It also provides express customs clearance services. FedEx is one of the reliable shipping companies in the United States and the rest of the world.

UPS shipping door to door from China
UPS Logistics started out as a messenger company. After that, it provides shipping and customs clearance services. UPS is America’s most respected and recognized logistics brand. It provides fast and professional customs clearance and international shipping services.

shipping door to door from China

2. Sea shipping door to door from China

In China, you can find many companies offering ocean door-to-door services to almost all countries in the world. If you need to save money, you need to compare the prices of all available services and choose the best.

3.Air shipping door to door from China

If your cargo is very urgent, if you care about time, you can choose to cooperate with a door-to-door air freight service provider. In China, many companies offer door-to-door air freight services, so you won’t find it challenging to find the right air freight service that offers door-to-door delivery.

shipping door to door from China

Process of shipping door to door from China

The first stage: select products, find freight forwarding partners, place an order, and make payment.

Contract with a door-to-door freight forwarder: The importer then contracts with a shipping agent to handle the collection, customs clearance and transportation of the goods to his or her destination.

Pickup Transportation: The freight forwarder picks up the goods from the manufacturer’s factory or warehouse, loads them on a truck, and transports them to the airport, seaport or rail line for transportation.

Customs Documents: At this stage, the freight forwarder submits all the customs documents required by the Chinese customs authorities. These documents will provide all the information about the shipment and the country to which it will be shipped.

Freight Journey: The cargo will be loaded into containers and taken to the ship for loading. Before this stage, the freight forwarder has already contacted the carrier on your behalf and arranged all means. After this, the voyage to your home country will begin.

Home delivery: Once the goods are delivered to your country, your agent will use the services of their intermediary to clear customs for the customer. Once duty-paid goods are released, they will be trucked to the address you provide.

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