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FBA is the mainstream choice of Amazon sellers, but  How much is the shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA ? How much is it per kilo? The charge of FBA mainly lies in cross-border transportation fees and final delivery fees. FBA fee shall be calculated according to product type, number of pieces, volume, weight, and warehouse location. So how do calculate amazon freight in the United States? Here is the amazon freight calculation method!

FBA price is always the most important topic for sellers because it can directly affect our revenue and cost issues. FBA sea freight compared to air freight and express to calculate, the price is the most cost-effective one.

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA sea billing method:

Actual weight = physical weight of the goods after being weighed

Cargo volume = LENGTH x width x height of American FBA cargo

FBA from China
FBA from China

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA two modes of transportation:

Freight + express: support double customs clearance. After customs clearance at the port is completed, the goods will be sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse by express.

Shipping + truck: tax is not included in the double clearance, and the tariff is paid according to the tax bill. After customs clearance at the port, the goods will be delivered to the corresponding Amazon FBA warehouse by truck.

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA Air freight billing method:

Weight (kg)= Length (CM)X width (CM)X height (CM)/6000

Volume weight (kg)= volume of cargo (CBM)X167 kg

Next, what is the process of FBA shipping from China to USA

Collection of goods – customs clearance – shipment – sailing – sea – arrival at the port – customs clearance – container picking – sorting – delivery – warehousing

The destination port of FBA shipping from China to the United States may be different, resulting in different timelines.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

Such as:

Ports: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakl, Oakland, San Francisco, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma.

East Ports: Portland, New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, Houston, Wilmington, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville.

China arrives through American sea transportation, arrive American west coast, sea transportation is to walk the Pacific Ocean, the generalship needs 13 to 16 days because ship company is the different price is different, so time has long had short.

General ship to the East coast of the United States is through the Pacific, then through the Panama Canal, and then to the east coast, about 25 to 28 days. It can also be shipped to the west coast, and then transported inland to the east coast, commonly known as MLB, which takes about 21-23 days, but is more expensive than sea freight.

Taking Shenzhen, China as the departure port, for example, an EMC ship will depart from Shenzhen, China, and arrive in Los Angeles, the USA in 13-15 days (here refers to the sea voyage time, from the departure time to the arrival time). Clipper to star clipper is 9-10 days after the ship arrived at the Port of Los Angeles; Matson Clipper will depart from Shanghai port and arrive at Long Beach port 8-10 days later.

shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA
shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA two modes of transportation:

Shipping + Express:

After customs clearance is completed at the destination port, the container will be delivered to the Amazon FBA warehouse by express. In this mode, warehousing can be carried out without reservation.

Haika provides three channels: EMC general ship 13-15 days extraction, MATSON 8-10 days extraction, and ZIM 9-10 days extraction.

Shipping + truck:

For subcontracting tax and non-tax, the same goods shall be picked up, disassembled, sorted, and then sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse by truck after customs clearance at the destination port. Truck delivery requires an appointment with the Amazon warehouse.

How much is the shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA ?

The basic charge of FBA is the storage fee + distribution fee. How do you collect it? Let’s take the US as an example.

Storage fees

Monthly storage fees. In addition to monthly storage fees, FBA will also charge long-term storage fees based on how long your items are in storage. The current long-term storage fees are as follows: Starting February 15, 2019, items that have been stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers for 181 to 365 days will no longer have to pay long-term storage fees.

Long-term storage charges are still payable for items stored at the operation center for more than 365 days. The warehouse will take inventory on the 15th of each month and charge $6.90 per cubic foot for products that have been stored in the operation center for more than 365 days.

shipping containers from China to the USA
shipping containers from China to the USA

Shipping fee

As for the delivery fee, FBA also charges per piece according to the size of your goods.

How much does Amazon FBA charge? Amazon FBA can be specifically divided into three parts: initial freight, storage fee, and FBA logistics delivery fee. Only by understanding these three parts, can sellers know the cost of amazon FBA as a whole.

Knowing the FBA cost of Amazon will help sellers make a correct choice between FBA and spontaneous goods, better determine the product cost and make a correct product pricing after choosing FBA.

FBA is amazon warehouse delivery, but this FBA starts from the goods sent to the Amazon warehouse, Amazon will not be responsible for the transportation from China to the Amazon warehouse abroad, so you need to consider the first FBA journey.

Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and delivery services from China to the Amazon warehouse. FBA’s initial service refers to shipping goods from China to the Amazon warehouse, and there are special services to meet this demand.

 cheapest shipping from China to US
cheapest shipping from China to US

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:Storage charges

Calculation formula of overseas storage fee: overseas storage fee = initial freight + storage and disposal fee + local distribution fee.

Initial freight: the freight generated by goods from China to an overseas warehouse.

Storage and disposal fees: storage fees are incurred when goods are stored in overseas warehouses and disposal fees are incurred before goods are distributed by warehouses.

Local delivery fee: Local delivery fee refers to the local express fee generated when the delivery of goods is stopped in the country and region of the delivery place.

On the 15th of every month, Amazon Logistics will check the inventory and charge a long-term storage fee for the goods stored in the Amazon warehouse for more than 365 days. Take Amazon USA as an example, the charging rate is as follows:

Long-term storage is charged at $6.90 per cubic foot or $0.15 per item, whichever is greater.

Overseas warehouses are used by many sellers, but it is still recommended to put the more popular products in overseas warehouses, after all, the cost of overseas warehouses is not cheap.

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:Surcharge

FBA Transportation Surcharge

There will be a certain surcharge on the products that the US imposes tariffs on.

Most of the products are not used, here are some listed products that need to be added: FBA air and sea freight products need to add the surcharge list

The tariff surcharge shall prevail and shall not be added.

shipping from China to USA
shipping from China to USA

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:fees

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:The customs clearance fee

For those who need a tax refund, there is a declaration fee of 350 yuan per ticket for those who do not need to declare separately.

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:Related certification fees

If the product needs the following certification: FDA application fee, EPA application fee, DOT application fee: 300 yuan/product name. Do not involve not out, understand the United States-related certification.

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:The inspection fee

There will also be an inspection fee of 500 yuan per ticket for the products that need inspection (the fee is different in different regions);

For the products that need an inspection, please see: Catalogue of FBA head export products that need an inspection

from China shipping to USA
from China shipping to USA

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:The battery

MSDS transportation identification and customs declaration are required. The battery may catch fire under high temperatures and high pressure during transportation.

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:Labeling fee

1 yuan per box, product small label 0.5 yuan per box (before delivery, general freight forwarding companies, to better service, are free to help label change)

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:Empty storage fee

If the shipment plan is canceled after the cut-off time, an empty storage fee will be generated. Because the warehouse has been booked with the shipping company, the cost has been handed over. And the shipping company side also can charge the freight forwarder’s empty warehouse fee similarly. If you do not charge for empty storage, the amount of empty storage is too much, the ship is also “empty” (not full) sailing, and the shipping company will lose money.

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