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Container packing is the planned process of loading goods into shipping containers for shipment.
This process of shipping containers to the US is done to ensure that the goods are not damaged in transit and that the unboxing process can be safely carried out at the other end.

Here are some things to note about shipping containers to the US:

Clarify the characteristics of the goods

1. The type and name of the goods

In order to ensure the integrity of the goods in the process of ocean freight from China to USA, only know what kind of goods are
not enough.

For example, for dangerous goods, it is not enough to just know that they are dangerous goods. It is also necessary to further understand which type of dangerous goods it belongs to, whether it is explosives, flammables or corrosive goods, and to know its specificity. The name of the product, is it firecrackers, movie film or sulfuric acid.

In addition, you need to know whether it is packaged or not, and what kind of package it is. Whether the goods are clean or dirty, whether there is any smell, etc.
Shipping containers to the US

Shipping containers to the US

2. The size of the goods

It should be known whether the specific size of the goods can fit in the box. Because the corner fittings of the container protrude from the box, sometimes the goods can be loaded from the headroom, but in actual loading, the top corner fittings in the box may be touched and the loading quantity is reduced.

In addition, due to the influence of the door lintel of the container, the minimum height of the container door is less than the headroom height. From the headroom height, the goods can be loaded in, but the actual loading is blocked by the door lintel and the goods cannot be loaded.

Shipping containers to the US

3. The weight of the goods

The weight of the goods in any container shippping from China to the USA must not exceed the capacity of the container.

Sometimes, although the weight of the goods is less than the load, but because the goods are concentrated loads and the strength of the bottom of the box is insufficient, measures must be taken to disperse the concentrated loads by using pads.

4. Packaging of goods

There are many types of packaging (such as cartons, wooden boxes, straw bales, cloth bags, etc.), and different packagings have different strengths. The packaging strength and packaging materials of the goods should meet the requirements of the transportation conditions and loading and unloading conditions on the route.

Shipping containers to the US

Shipping containers to the US

Packaging containers and packaging equipment

Choosing the right packaging containers and packaging equipment has a direct impact on the safety of the goods, can prevent damage to the goods, and reduce the cost of storage, handling and shipping containers to the US.
The main tasks of the transport packaging are:
(1) To protect the goods from loss, damage or depreciation;

(2) Protecting people, the environment and means of transportation from potential damage caused by goods can also improve the level of mechanization, rational storage, loading and unloading and transportation processes.

These tasks can only be achieved through careful selection of stacking methods, packaging containers and packaging equipment. Packaging defects are one of the leading causes of accidents and damages.

In most cases, the packaging should be able to withstand all the handling of the goods in storage, handling and transportation and be environmentally friendly. Not all packaging defects will cause damage, but the risk of damage to the goods will be greatly increased.
Poor packaging has an additional psychological effect: it induces carelessness and operational errors among stevedores.

Marked goods

The cargo mark is generally an important part of the cargo packaging.

Shipping containers to the US

Understand the process of shipping containers to the US

1. The transportation route of the container

2. The time required to reach the final destination

3. Form of receipt and delivery

4. Equipment and conditions at the unpacking location

5. Relevant laws and regulations specific to each country

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