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There are many ways to shipping from China to USA, and container shipping is a very common one. In the international logistics and transportation channels, sea freight from China to USA has occupied 90%.

Every importer is very concerned about the cost of logistics, because it is directly related to the profit of the goods.

How much is the shipping containers rates to USA ?

Take Maersk for example, a container ship can hold 800-10,000 containers when fully loaded.

General container specifications are divided into:
The volume of 20GP (commonly known as 20-foot container) is: 5.69M * 2.13M * 2.18M, the loading volume is about 26m³. The loading gross weight is about 17.5T
The volume of 40GP (commonly known as 40-foot container) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading volume is about 54m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T
The volume of 45HQ (commonly known as 45 high cabinet) is: 13.58M * 2.34M * 2.71M, the loading volume is about 86m³, and the loading gross weight is about 29T

shipping containers rates to USA

Factors affecting shipping containers rates to USA

1. The nature and quantity of the goods

Obviously, the freight rate varies according to the type of goods. Usually, the freight rate of precious goods, dangerous goods and livestock is higher, and the goods such as pallets can enjoy preferential freight rates; the freight rate of the goods with higher value is also higher.

The freight rate of low cargo is high; the difference of cargo stowage factor affects the utilization rate of cabin capacity, and the shipping containers rates to USA is also different.

The freight rate of small batches of goods is usually higher than that of large quantities of goods; the quantity of goods also affects the utilization rate of space and tonnage of ships. When it will cause a large waste of capacity. The shipping containers rates to USA should also be higher.

2. The origin and destination of the goods

The difference between the origin and destination of the goods involves the depth of the port, loading and unloading conditions, the level of port charges, the billable distance between ports, the length of the voyage operation, whether it needs to pass through the canal, whether there is a fuel port on the route and local Oil prices and many other factors affect airline costs and operating economics.

Obviously, the freight rate of those with good port and route conditions should be lower than that of those with poor conditions because the ship operator can obtain better benefits at a lower cost. This will help attract more shippers.

shipping containers rates to USA

3. The date of cancellation of the contract and the date of completion of loading preparation

The date of contract cancellation is different, obviously the external market conditions at that time will be quite different, and the market supply and demand conditions will be different, so the contract date and cancellation date will affect the shipping containers rates to USA or the level of rental.

The difference in the contract date has a particularly obvious impact on the freight rate and rent in the spot market. The current freight rate or rent obviously depends on the current market situation; as for the cancellation of the contract, it depends on the operator’s ability and experience. judgments and predictions.

To be sure, the market conditions during the cancellation period will definitely affect the level of freight or rental during the contract period.

4. Ships type

Different ships are used, and their seaworthiness and cargo suitability are different, so the shipping containers rates to USA or rental rate should be different; different ships are used, their technical conditions and safety guarantee conditions are also different.

So the international standard is often based on whether they hold a ship class or not. to determine freight rates or rentals and insurance premiums, etc.; different ships are used. Their cost components are also different. Therefore, the shipping containers rates to USA or rent directly related to the cost must also be different.

container shipping cost to USA

5. Competitors

Under the market economy conditions, the number of competitors, their strength and their own strength in the market have a great impact on the shipping containers rates to USA or rent.

As mentioned above, under monopoly market conditions, freight rates or rents are relatively stable, but under conditions of free competition with numerous competitors. The strong beat the weak by manipulating freight rates or rents, among which price-cutting competition is particularly common.

6. Other factors

These include the constraints and effects of relevant regulations. Subject to the constraints and influence of agreements with other operators, the relationship with the owner group or trade group, and the impact of expected exchange rate changes, etc.

How to reduce shipping containers rates to USA?

For lower shipping costs, consider these tips:
Compare quotes
Compare shipping methods
Diversified warehousing
Evaluate item profitability before placing an order

Ask Best Shipping Rate
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