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Do you know how much it costs when you shipping from China to the US?

Components of shipping charges from China to USA

1. Shipping fee

The logistics and transportation fee chooses different products according to different transportation channels, and the corresponding price and time limit are also different, and the freight rate fluctuates every week with the fluctuation of the market supply and demand relationship, the seller can consult his freight forwarder to obtain the latest weekly price Happening.

2. Customs declaration

When exporting products to the United States, customers will incur customs clearance fees if they use their own IOR for customs clearance.

In addition, according to the attributes of the product, the relevant US regulatory authorities also have corresponding regulations: for example, medical products need to be reported to FDA, environmental protection products need to be reported to EPA, and traffic safety products need to be reported to DOT.

3. Tariffs

When the goods are imported for customs clearance, according to the import and export policies of the destination country, certain customs duties need to be paid.

shipping charges from China to USA

4. Customs clearance

If there is a customs inspection in the foreign segment, there will be an inspection fee issued by the customs, and there will be a bond fee when the US DDP arrives at the door for customs clearance. At this time, if the customer does not have a “pound”, he can buy a single pound or an annual pound.

5. Storage fee

This is the most common shipping charges from China to USA. It is the cost of supplementary operations for the goods to meet the standards of the e-commerce platform, such as labeling fees, loading and unloading fees, etc.

6. Destination delivery fee

The most common transportation costs in the foreign segment are: delivery fee, UPS remote area or oversize surcharge, overtime waiting fee caused by the warehouse bursting in peak season, empty return fee, etc.

Sea shipping charges from China to USA

Among the export transportation channels to the United States, sea freight is very popular. Large capacity and cheap freight. So, how much does is the shipping charges from China to USA ?

FCL shipping charges from China to USA: The freight from China to the United States is divided into three parts, and the total freight = the sum of the three parts.

1. Basic Shipping Basic Shipping = Basic Shipping per Unit × Number of FCLs

2. Port surcharge Port surcharge = port surcharge per unit × number of FCLs

3. Fuel surcharge Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × number of full containers

shipping charges from China to USA

LCL shipping charges from China to USA: China Shipping US LCL freight is only the basic freight, which is calculated in two ways: volume and weight.

1. Calculated by volume, X1 = basic freight per unit (MTQ) × total volume
2. Calculated by weight, X2 = basic freight per unit (TNE) × total gross weight
The final weight and volume of the shipping charges from China to USA , choose one of the two, the volume is based on the volume, and the weight is based on the weight.

Air shipping charges from China to USA

The air transportation time is relatively stable. Under stable conditions, it is generally 3-5 natural days. Air freight prices are generally divided into two types, one is the direct flight line price, and the other is the transshipment price.

The advantages of air freight from China to USA are fast timeliness, low breakage rate, good safety, and large space span, but it is very uneconomical for sellers with heavy goods or large quantities. The air shipping charges from China to USA is almost 3-4 times that of sea freight. The larger the volume, the higher the cost to the seller.

Air freight operation process

The general operation mode is like this, the goods are ready – airline booking – delivery to warehouse, customs declaration, customs clearance, boarding – destination airport – customs clearance – delivery to local express delivery.

shipping charges from China to USA

Air shipping charges from China to USA calculation method

Actual weight: that is, the weight of the goods, including the actual gross weight (G.W.) and the actual net weight (N.W.). Now the air freight line is more often calculated according to the actual gross weight. The actual gross weight is often compared with the calculated volume weight, and the freight is calculated and charged for whichever is larger.

Actual weight = gross weight of goods + packing weight.
Volume weight: The weight calculated from the volume of the goods according to a certain conversion factor or calculation formula. In air cargo transportation, the conversion factor for calculating volumetric weight is generally 1:167, that is, one cubic meter is approximately equal to 167kg.

If it is more than 167kg, it is a heavy cargo. Volume weight = length * width * height / 6000CM (international general algorithm)

shipping charges from China to USA

Factors that affect shipping charges from China to USA

1. The nature of the goods

The impact of goods on international shipping is relatively large, mainly affected by the value, nature and weight of the goods. Generally speaking, if the goods are more expensive or some dangerous goods, the freight will be higher during transportation. If it is pallets and other goods, you can enjoy preferential shipping charges from China to USA .

2. Market situation

The structure of the ocean shipping market is one of the main factors affecting prices. At the same time, the transportation of goods is also divided into low season and high season.

If the shipping company accepts a lot of cargo during the peak season, the price will naturally rise. If it is off-season, due to the small quantity of goods, in order to attract customers, shipping companies will give certain discounts on international shipping.

3. Seasonal factors

The peak shipping season runs from April to May every year and lasts until around December. During peak season, sea freight usually charges a peak season surcharge. The low season is generally in February-March.

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